Giants (Part 1): General Lore

Boulders assailed our walls and cast them down, leavin’ gaps through which the giants strode, weapons in hand.

Captain Dwern Addleston’es partial account of the Siege of Sterngate

Ah, giants. Another staple of the fantasy genre. Which means that, once again, we’re doing a multiparter! Cause guess how many varieties they put into this one book! SIX!! WOOHOO!!

Oh, we’re gonna be here until June.

Long ago, the giants ruled the world in glorious empires. But those days ended long ago. Now, they live divided, secluded in their own clans. Even still, they maintain their customs of old and live in glory as slayers of dragons and singers of songs.

Ruins still remain of those ancient empires. Found in the far-off corners of the world, these aged monoliths are the only reminder of the old days beyond the remaining giants themselves. Often, the clans of the giants can be found living here.

Giants are as old as the world itself. Dragons were but mere babes when they ruled the world. The two fought across the land throughout generations. None on either side remember what brought the conflict to begin. Despite not knowing why, the two races still hold a powerful grudge against one another and often come into conflict, despite the war’s long forgotten end.

All six varieties of giants are related by history, religion, and culture. Despite their differences, they view one another as kin and treat each other as such. Conflict between giant tribes is a rare and often catastrophic event.

The cast structure of the giants is called the Ordning. The rank of a giant is assigned by social class. Each giant knows their place in the ordning so that they may properly address their inferiors and their superiors alike. Each clan uses different methods to define the ordning, judging by different qualities. Giants make it their purpose in life to excel in the fields that place them on the ordning.

At the highest level, the races are also ranked according to status. The highest is the storm giants, followed by the cloud, fire, frost, stone, hill, and giant kin, such as ettins or ogres. Regardless of their rank among their own tribe, no hill giant is superior to a stone giant. Even the lowest stone may outrank a hill chief. To betray or disrespect another giant of another tribe isn’t evil in their eyes; only rude.

Yo, gonna be honest: this lore is sick. I’m a sucker for giants. I’m a sucker for dragons. Putting the two together is like putting peanut butter together with chocolate. It’s a foolproof recipe for awesome!


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