Galeb Duhr: The Stone Guard Dog

I’ve talked about a lot of simple monsters. But this guy? He may be the simplest.

‘Rock’ is the best way to summarize the Galeb Duhr. It’s just a giant rock monster. It’s basically just Earth Elemental: Electric Boogaloo. It leaves a lot to be desired in regards to stuff to talk about.

But if there’s one thing I got from the American school system, it was the ability to drag five hundred words into one hundred. Let’s go!

Lore: A Rock’s Best Friend

Inhabitants of the Plane of Earth, Galeb Duhr are often summoned by powerful wizards, though some are born in the Material Plane near where it touches the Plane of Earth. They make for powerful sentinels, since they don’t require rest or food and they don’t age. A druid might charge them with protecting a sacred hill of some kind. Another might guard a tomb. So on and so forth.

Once brought to the Material Plane, they are forever bound to it. Even in death, they cannot return to the Plane of Earth. Not that it minds. So long as it remains near stone, it is happy. Often enough so to share information with those that it deems trustworthy.

There really isn’t much you can do with this. If you’ve got a powerful wizard for your antagonist, you can add an encounter with this guy for flavor text. But if you want to write a questline around this guy, you’ll be left with something to be desired.

Design: Grumpy Rock Boy

“Tell me about the rabbits, George.” -This thing, probably

It looks like an angry old man character designed by Pixar and I kind of love it.

I honestly have nothing. I’ve been sitting here, staring at this design for well over ten minutes, trying to find something to write. And I’ve got nothing. It’s a big ol’ rock dude. What am I supposed to say?

Am I going to leave a big gap between this segment and the next? Yes. But whatever. We’re moving on.

Stats: Rock Smash

That’s what the Thing does, right? Remember the Thing? From the Fantastic 4? Follow up question: does anyone remember the Fantastic 4? Outside of terrible movies, I mean.

Getting back on topic, the Galeb Duhr isn’t the most durable monster in the book, despite being a literal rock. It’s AC is high, but not monstrous. It has a decent pool of HP, but it doesn’t breach the 100 range. Sure, you can’t poison it. And it can’t be afflicted by exhaustion, paralysis, or petrification. But it still isn’t impressive.

What’s slightly more impressive is that a monster as tall as a person can use False Appearance. Granted, it’s a rock. So it is pretty easy to just… curl up into a ball.

Speaking of which, it has a move called Rolling Charge! It curls up and rolls at you with extreme force! Not only can this knock them prone, it does a decent 7(2d6) damage. Plus, it’s kinda hilarious and/or frightening.

The rest of its move set it pretty standard. It can slam into you for 12(2d6+5) or animate a rock buddy to help him out. Aside from that, he makes for a very standard and simple battle.


He is rock boy. He’s so simple and frankly kinda boring that I don’t have a whole lot to go with. Like… it’s not bad. But it just doesn’t have much going for it.

With all that in mind, let’s put the Galeb Duhr on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Dragon Turtle
  4. Green Dragons
  5. Red Dragons
  6. Blue Dragons
  7. Black Dragons
  8. White Dragons
  9. Silver Dragons
  10. Couatl
  11. Behir
  12. Aboleth
  13. Bronze Dragons
  14. Brass Dragons
  15. Copper Dragons
  16. Gold Dragons
  17. Chuul
  18. Chimera
  19. Death Knight
  20. Fomorian
  21. Bone Devil
  22. Dracolich
  23. Faerie Dragon
  24. Ankheg
  25. Empyrean
  26. Drow (all four of ’em)
  27. Shadow Demon
  28. Marilith
  29. Drider
  30. Aarackockra
  31. Azer
  32. Demilich
  33. Spectator
  34. Cambion
  35. Animated Armor
  36. Banshee
  37. Basilisk
  38. Yochlol
  39. Bulette
  40. Cloaker
  41. Darkmantle
  42. Doppelganger
  43. Ettin
  44. Pit Fiend
  45. Erinyes
  46. Chain Devil
  47. Bearded Devil
  48. Barbed Devil
  49. Spined Devil
  50. Ice Devil
  51. Nalfeshnee
  52. Glabrezu
  53. Chasme
  54. Barlgura
  55. Horned Devil
  56. Balor
  57. Shadow Dragon
  58. Vrock
  59. Dretch
  60. Goristro
  61. Hezrou
  62. Manes
  63. Duergar
  64. Quasit
  65. Dryad
  66. Flumph
  67. Planetar
  68. Imp
  69. Flameskull
  70. Displacer Beast
  71. Carrion Crawler
  72. Rug of Smothering
  73. Bugbear Chief
  74. Bugbear
  75. Vine Blight
  76. Twig Blight
  77. Needle Blight
  78. Bullywug
  79. Ettercap
  80. Gas Spore
  81. Cockatrice
  82. Lemure
  83. Solar
  84. Deva
  85. Cyclops
  86. Centaur
  87. Fire Elemental
  88. Water Elemental
  89. Air Elemental
  90. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  91. Earth Elemental
  92. Galeb Duhr <——————————–
  93. Flying Sword
  94. Crawling Claw
  95. Violet Fungus
  96. Shrieker

2 responses to “Galeb Duhr: The Stone Guard Dog”

  1. I remember the FF! Back in the 70’s they were my favorite comic book. Of course back then, kids read comic books and they were *everywhere*. Gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores… Pretty much every retail establishment had a spinner rack or two of comic books.

    The shift of the industry to collectors and speculators across the late 80’s into the 90’s also meant a shift to specialized stores… that and other factors eventually caused those spinners to disappear. And a huge chunk of our shared popular culture went with them.

    (Yet another semi-random comment spawned by a tangential thought from your post.)


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