Drow Elves: Magic Muggers (Part 2: Stats)

Alright! We finished the two pages of lore! Now we just need to analyze two pages of combat statistics! Hooray!

Drow are divided into four categories. There are normal Drow, Drow Elite Warriors, Drow Mages, and Drow Priestesses of Lolth. The power scales up in that order; Drow are the weakest, a Drow Priestess is the strongest. But make no mistake: all four of these enemies can put up one hell of a fight.

All of them share in three traits. First is Fey Ancestry, which makes them immune to sleep and gives them advantage against being charmed. Next is Innate Spellcasting, which gives all four varieties access to the spells Dancing Lights, Darkness, and Faerie Fire. Then, finally, they have Sunlight Sensitivity, which gives them disadvantage on attack rolls and perception checks while in sunlight. Imagine that.

Regular drow aren’t all that impressive. They have a shortsword and a hand crossbow, the ladder of which can poison the target. Drow Elite Warriors are much the same, except that they have multiattack, their short swords have extra poison damage, and they can parry attacks.

Drow Mages are the real assholes. These guys have access to a whole slew of spells, making them a variety pack of deadly ability. They are as follows:

  • Cantrips: mage hand, minor illusion, poison spray, ray of frost
  • 1st level: mage armor, magic missile, shield, witch bolt
  • 2nd level: alter self, misty step, web
  • 3rd level: fly, lightning bolt
  • 4th level: Evard’s black tentacles, greater invisibility
  • 5th level: cloudkill

On top of that, it can summon one demon per day. These stick around for ten minutes, or until it/its summoner gets killed. Granted, it can only summon a quasit, maybe a shadow demon. So it can’t summon something really dangerous.

Oh, also, he can hit you with his staff. Not that it’ll do him much good. But hey! It’s also poisoned! For some reason!

Then, finally, there is the Drow Priestess of Lolth. She, being much better than the mage, has a completely different set of even deadlier spells. They are:

  • Cantrips: guidance, poison spray, resistance, spare the dying, thaumaturgy
  • 1st level: animal friendship, cure wounds, detect poison and disease, ray of sickness
  • 2nd level: lesser restoration, protection from poison, web
  • 3rd level: conjure animals (2 giant spiders), dispel magic
  • 4th level: divination, freedom of movement
  • 5th level: insect plague, mass cure wounds

Not only that, but they have a Scourge attack that they can use twice per turn. This isn’t all that deadly, so it really isn’t worth using over a spell. Still, when she runs out of options, she could be worse off.

She, too, has Summon Demon. But she can summon a Yochlol! Which is quite a bit deadlier than what the mage can do! So… use with caution!

Okay. You get all that? No? I don’t blame you. Four monsters at once is a bit much. Thankfully, after this, we can go back to normal, non-multi-article-long monsters for a while.

Now, let’s look at the complete package. Drow are pretty neat monsters! They have pretty deep and versatile lore and some great combat stats to boot! All in all, they’re pretty solid!

With all that in mind, let’s put the Drow on the Best of the Bestiary!

  1. Beholder
  2. Death Tyrant
  3. Dragon Turtle
  4. Green Dragons
  5. Red Dragons
  6. Blue Dragons
  7. Black Dragons
  8. White Dragons
  9. Silver Dragons
  10. Couatl
  11. Behir
  12. Aboleth
  13. Bronze Dragons
  14. Brass Dragons
  15. Copper Dragons
  16. Gold Dragons
  17. Chuul
  18. Chimera
  19. Death Knight
  20. Bone Devil
  21. Dracolich
  22. Ankheg
  23. Drow (all four of ’em) <—————————–
  24. Shadow Demon
  25. Marilith
  26. Drider
  27. Aarackockra
  28. Azer
  29. Demilich
  30. Spectator
  31. Cambion
  32. Animated Armor
  33. Banshee
  34. Basilisk
  35. Yochlol
  36. Bulette
  37. Cloaker
  38. Darkmantle
  39. Doppelganger
  40. Pit Fiend
  41. Erinyes
  42. Chain Devil
  43. Bearded Devil
  44. Barbed Devil
  45. Spined Devil
  46. Ice Devil
  47. Nalfeshnee
  48. Glabrezu
  49. Chasme
  50. Barlgura
  51. Horned Devil
  52. Balor
  53. Shadow Dragon
  54. Vrock
  55. Dretch
  56. Goristro
  57. Hezrou
  58. Manes
  59. Duergar
  60. Quasit
  61. Dryad
  62. Planetar
  63. Imp
  64. Displacer Beast
  65. Carrion Crawler
  66. Rug of Smothering
  67. Bugbear Chief
  68. Bugbear
  69. Vine Blight
  70. Twig Blight
  71. Needle Blight
  72. Bullywug
  73. Cockatrice
  74. Lemure
  75. Solar
  76. Deva
  77. Cyclops
  78. Centaur
  79. Fire Elemental
  80. Water Elemental
  81. Air Elemental
  82. Dinosaurs (All six of them)
  83. Earth Elemental
  84. Flying Sword
  85. Crawling Claw

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