My Review Academia S4 E20: UA Tour

Wow. The plot of this arc feels super slow! How can so much happen at the same time as nothing is happening?!

This episode is more of the same as what we got in the last few weeks. Everyone is preparing for the festival while Gentle is preparing to break into UA. Eri gets the all-clear to attend the festival, but she first must take a tour to prepare, as to avoid a panic attack or any unnecessary stress.

I honestly can’t stress enough how little happened in this episode. The single biggest plot point was that Deku got taken off of the dance team! We learn a little more about why Gentle does what he does, what the Principle had to go through to make the festival happen, and what the various side characters are going to be up to. In terms of actual plot progression, this episode literally went nowhere!

The only part I feel is even worth talking about is character development Gentle got. Not only do we learn how he and LaBrava met (which is cute), we also learn about how his plan is going to go down. It shows that he, for all his goofiness and his inability to work with tech, he is a clearly intelligent criminal. Which makes him a truly dangerous individual.

Better yet, we learn about what motivates him. Much like Stain, Gentle’s motivations are at least somewhat grounded in good intentions. He feels that heroes aren’t taking the dark times they live in seriously, so he needs to teach them a lesson. He aims to break into UA to show them that they’re being too lax, as well as to help drive the future heroes even further. He truly believes that what he’s doing is going to be for the best. Not just for himself, but for the world as a whole. It makes Gentle feel more like an antagonist rather than a villain like we’ve gotten in the last few arcs.

There’s also a nice bit of foreshadowing for what Deku plans to do next. As he continues his training in ranged combat/ quick percentage changes, he reveals to All Might that he asked Hatsume to build him a new support item. We have no idea what it is yet or even what it will do. But I get the feeling that it’s going to play into the next events in a big way. I’m super interested in seeing what happens with it.

And that that’s about it. Aside from what I’ve talked about and some fun character interactions, there is not much going on here. The plot feels like it’s at a stand-still. I get that they’re preparing for the festival; do we really need to spend three episodes on that? Can we just get to it already?

Apparently yes, given what we got in the preview. Please, for the love of God, just let the plot move forward!

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