My Review Academia S4 E19: Putting the Band Together

Huh. There wasn’t a whole lot here, was there? I feel like I could copy-paste my entire last review and that would pretty much cover everything! With a few exceptions, of course.

After deciding to put on a musical stage performance, Class 1-A scrambles to prepare for the School Festival! They all gather around to decide everyone’s roles, with Jiro landing the role of lead singer and Bakugo taking the job as a drummer. At the same time, Deku does some extra training with All Might, further mastering his control over One For All. Meanwhile, Gentle continues to be the best while planning his mysterious crime regarding UA.

Let’s get all the repetitive shit out of the way, shall we? First of all: Gentle. All he really does in this episode is reveal that he has some plan for UA. We learn that he considers himself a vigilante, as all of his crimes target corrupt corporations. He’s still charming as hell, but he has still yet to do anything truly dramatic.

Second, the character interactions. This episode is almost entirely comprised of the Class 1-A kids organizing the festival. Again, each character’s personality is on full display and it’s a joy to watch! But again, very little progress was made in terms of actual plot progression. All they did was organize the class into three teams.

However, we do get the best scene in the episode during this part: Jiro singing. I fucking love this scene! Her little song is gorgeous, the reactions of all the other characters are super sweet (and, in Mineta’s case, hilarious) and it gets me super excited for the performance itself. It fleshes out her character in a fun, cute way! Jiro is quickly climbing up the list towards ‘Best Girl’ status!

Who am I kidding? She was already there. Fight me.

I also really love Deku’s new powerup. It’s another case of My Hero Academia’s genius way of powering up characters: the further mastery of their powers. In this case, Deku figures out that All Might didn’t always fight at his full power and learns how to use his power in short, contained bursts for long-ranged attacks. It’s a fun little scene that gets me super excited for the battle to come!

Plus, it’s a neat little payoff to some of Deku’s earliest fights! Remember when he fought Bakugo for the first time? And how he fought Todoroki off by shattering his fingers? Well, finally, that power is coming back! And this time, our hero is gaining full mastery over them! It’s a fun little detail that makes Deku’s growth even more cathartic!

This is a pretty good episode. It definitely feels repetitive and the plot progression feels super slow, but it’s still super enjoyable! It’s gotten me suitably excited for the coming arc, even if it’s taking its sweet time to get there!

But hey. Better to move slowly and get somewhere than to move fast and go nowhere. Cough cough One Piece.

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