My Review Academia S4 E17: Moving Forward

How have these kids not killed anyone yet?! Seriously, if they’re just going to throw their Quirks around willy-nilly, they had to have killed someone at some point! For fuck sake, one of the kids can turn his tongue into a cannon! Jesus Christ!

This episode picks up right where the last left off: with our four heroes being attacked by small children. But by putting their skills and powers together, they manage to win the kids’ hearts and get out alive! The next day at school, Deku finds himself being strangely hounded by Aoyama, who, with a message written in cheese on the balcony (what the actual fuck?!) reveals that he ‘knows’.

Let’s get this out of the way: the ladder half of this episode feels pretty pointless. It’s still entertaining, don’t get me wrong. But you could skip it and miss very little.

There is some good character stuff in that half, though. Aoyama has a pretty effective heart-to-heart with Deku, showing a rare moment of vulnerability and humanity from our sparkly boy. It’s a really sweet scene that ends with something that I’ve been waiting for for a long time: Deku and Aoyama officially becoming friends. Plus, we also get to see how Iida and Aoyama treat each other, given their experience together in the Provisional License exam. It’s fluffy, near pointless content that does very little for the story. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t cute and heart-warming!

The first half of this episode, on the other hand, is amazing! Sure, the ‘battle’ with the kids is cut really short and the animation is pretty lackluster. But the drama on display here is fantastic!

Let’s start with Bakugo. We get to see just how far he’s developed in his interactions with one of the kids, whom he sees a lot of himself in. He’s clearly not happy to admit it, but he tells the kid that being spoiled and praised is a surefire way of being put on the wrong path. It’s a very simple exchange, but it does a lot to show just how much he’s grown as a person!

Plus, we get to see Bakugo smile in a non-malicious way when Cammie makes a joke! He even laughs! I never thought I’d see the day!

We’re also treated to some great character development between Todoroki and Endeavor. We see Endeavor genuinely trying to become a kinder person, reaching out to hug his son and willingly accepting the support of those around him. We even get to see Todoroki smiling, although he still does the classic tsundere move of knocking the hand away and walking off. It’s a great scene that puts both of our fiery boys on a good path! I can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Hell, even Windy-Baldy-Boy (I cannot remember his name for the fucking life of me) gets some character development! He swallows his hatred for Endeavor at the sight of his attempts to become better and offers his full support! It’s not much, just a self-harming punch (kid must be fucking strong if he can fuck himself up that badly with one blow) and a single line. But it is cathartic and satisfying.

Rewinding a little bit (I’m going all out of order, I know), I also really like how our heroes managed to win the kid’s hearts! It’s a fun, creative use of their powers that is super satisfying and pretty to look at! Plus, it makes perfect sense that that’s how they’d get kids onto their side! It’s a fun little twist that put a smile on my face!

Even if I really wanted Bakugo to beat up a bunch of kids. Go ahead and call me a bad person.

If you didn’t like the episode before this one, you probably won’t enjoy this one. It is definitely more of the same. But if you liked it, you’ll likely enjoy this one too! It’s cute, it’s fun, and it has some nice tidbits of character drama!

But now we’re done! Next week, we’re getting into what I’ve been looking forward to for a while! It’s culture festival time, boys and girls!

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