My Review Academia S4 E16: Worst. Kids. Ever.

This episode is weird. Not a whole lot happened, but it still feels densely packed with content. There are some fun gags and some compelling drama. But this episode feels distinctly… I don’t know. It’s strange.

Bakugo, Todoroki, and the kids from Shiketsu are sent off to another day of training to get their provisional licenses and catch up with the rest of their class. However, today’s test is going to be difficult and bizarre: they need to win the hearts of a rowdy, uncontrollable class of small children! Meanwhile, Endeavor and All Might have a heart-to-heart about what it means to be number one and what the Symbol of Peace is.

Tonally speaking, this episode is all over the place! One minute it’s a light-hearted, chuckle-inducing series of gags. The next, it’s trying to pull at your heartstrings with the teacher crying and begging for our heroes to set these kids back on the right track! Then at the end, it tries to become menacing as the kids prepare to fight! It’s a wild ride! Luckily, the episode is paced just well enough that it doesn’t give you tonal whiplash.

Speaking of gags, let’s talk about those! Honestly, I didn’t thank many of them were all that funny. Each character has one joke; Todoroki is straightforward and honest, which the kids find boring. Bakugo is overly violent, which makes the teacher uncomfortable. Wind boy (I forget his name) is easily manipulated and hard on himself. Shiketsu girl (the one Toga disguised herself as in season three, I also forget her name) is ditzy and has boobs. Hope those sound funny to you, because that’s all you’re gonna get!

Although, to be fair: the kids themselves are actually pretty funny. They are so absurdly evil and manipulative that it’s hilarious! They perfectly balance childlike innocence with middle-school like pettiness (odd for a bunch of elementary students but whatever) and egotism. They simultaneously feel like real children and genuine villains! It’s hilarious!

I also love All Might and Endeavor’s heart-to-heart! It’s the first time that we see Endeavor open up to anyone, which makes it all the more satisfying and dramatic when you consider how he’s always felt about All Might. There’s an amazing shot of him climbing a brutally tall mountain only to discover an even taller one in the distance. Meanwhile, we see All Might regret the mistakes he’s made along his journey, including the tragic fate of Nighteye, as he compels Endeavor not to try copying him and to do whatever works for him. It’s a very short scene, but it is incredibly satisfying.

And that’s about it. This episode is cute and worth a chuckle while still having a decent amount of drama. Unfortunately, it ends right as things start to get interesting! It’s a bizarre episode that is just enjoyable enough to watch. Unfortunately, it is far from the peak of MHA.

But hey. The kids didn’t make me want to kill myself every time they spoke. So I guess that’s good.

4 responses to “My Review Academia S4 E16: Worst. Kids. Ever.”

  1. I’ve been consistently flip-flopping on whether or not I should get back into this series. I stopped after the first season and I haven’t watched it since, though I kinda want to give it another shot at some point in the future.

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      • At this point, I think the only thing really holding me back from continuing it is just the incredibly toxic fanbase. I like the series’ premise, but some part of me doesn’t want to be associated with them by proxy, especially not with them harassing the author recently.

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