My Review Academia S4 E15: Back to Normal

Okay, let’s get this right out of the way. The new OP is a fucking banger and I love it! It’s so bright, colorful, and energetic! It just screams fun! Plus, it hints at Jiro taking center stage, which I can totally get down for! It’s beautifully animated and absolutely adorable! It’s refreshing to have an OP that’s not all action and characters flying around/ screaming/ punching stuff.

This episode didn’t have a whole lot going on. Aside from a lot of unnecessary flashbacks to help pad out the runtime. Granted, it’s probably for the best that there isn’t much here. Given how crazy and long the last arc was, having an episode to cool down and relax is probably necessary. Otherwise, the audience would quickly get exhausted.

In this episode, Deku and the others return to the dorms for some well-deserved rest. Bakugo and Todoroki, on the other hand, have no rest in sight as they prepare for another test to claim their provisional licenses and catch up with their class. Meanwhile, Gran Torino and the police corner Kurogiri and, in the process, discover another one of All For One’s servants: a massive man with an insane amount of destructive power!

Honestly, there’s not a lot to talk about in this episode. It’s mostly just set up for stuff to come and the final cherry on top for what we just got. As I mentioned earlier, this episode is entirely meant to give the audience (and likely the animators) a breather.

There is a lot of cute stuff in here though. Class 1-A’s reunion after the battle with Chisaki is super heartwarming, as we see all the sidelined characters welcome our stars back with open arms. We even get to see Koda’s bunny again! It’s a simple scene that put a smile on my face.

I love these characters, leave me alone.

There were also a few scenes with some pretty effective character drama! We get to see how Uraraka feels about essentially being sidelined through the entire arc and being unable to save Nighteye in time. It doesn’t do a whole lot for the story at large, but it is nice to see our characters actually reacting to the situation around them. It helps them feel more like actual people rather than robots being moved from setpiece to setpiece.

We also get the payoff to Nighteye’s want for Mirio to be All Might’s successor. When confronted with Mirio’s unshakable spirit, Deku has a moment of doubt where he considers giving him One For All, even going so far as to nearly spill the secret. But in yet another heartwarming scene, Mirio declines his power, telling him that he’ll find a way to get his own power back, with or without Eri’s help. He dissuades Deku’s doubts, reassuring him that he did well and that Deku is, in fact, a hero. It’s a great scene that excellently pays off that dangling thread that’s been hanging overhead since the beginning of the arc.

And that’s about it. This episode was fun, relaxing, and heartwarming, but that’s about it. It puts the final cherry on top of the Overhaul arc and sets the stage for some other things to come, mostly in the next episode. It’s far from the worst episode of the show, but it also doesn’t have anything to put it at the top. It’s a quiet, calming episode.

But you know what they say about calms and storms.

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