My Review Academia S4 E10: Enter the League

This episode felt like a cheetah on a treadmill. It’s sure going fast! But it’s also not getting very far.

There really isn’t much to talk about in terms of plot. After Fat Gum and Red Riot finish their battle and start licking their wounds, Deku and the others continue on their quest to save Eri. However, they run into a brutal obstacle when Toga and Twice of the League of Villains both appear and attack! But is their alliance with Overhaul may be a bit less steady than things appear.

I do like plenty about this episode. We get to see Twice have a moment of weakness as he breaks down, nearly losing his mind as his mask splits. Plus, they give him extra characterization by plaguing him with guilt over the death of Magne, as he was the one to bring Overhaul to the League. On top of that, we get plenty of cool stuff with Toga and Deku as he realizes that she was the strange shape-shifting girl from the provisional license exam last season.

Even if that revelation hasn’t gone anywhere. At least not in this episode.

We also get to see a new, more cunning side to Shigurake. In a flashback, when Twice and Toga confront him, claiming they don’t want to help Overhaul, he seems to open up to his companions. He takes off his mask, revealing that he never intended to truly ally himself with the yakuza group. It’s a nice, creepy moment, one that further solidifies the growing threat that Shigurake poses. The reckless man-child of old is long gone. Now, he’s growing into a proper monster.

Action wise, this episode was… meh. It had some cool stuff, like Toga flipping over Eraser Head after he grabbed her with his rope… things (what even are those?). But none of these moments are especially well animated. None of them are bad, mind you. But they aren’t especially memorable.

That’s this episode in a nutshell. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t especially memorable. All it really manages to accomplish in its run time is reintroducing the League into the plot. It’s entertaining from start to end, but it doesn’t have much to talk about.

But hey. We’ve still got the whole rest of the season to go. And the next episode is set to be a doozy! I hope…

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