My Five Favorite Games of 2019

Don’t worry. Anthem isn’t on the list.

There were a lot of great games this year! In terms of a wrap up for the decade, I honestly couldn’t ask for more! The sheer number of games that brought me immeasurable joy is extremely high! Picking five games out of all of them was incredibly challenging!

But if you know me, then you know that I’m always up for a challenge. And I think I got the job done. Now, in no particular order (save #1), let’s go over my favorite games of the year! Starting with the game I probably sunk the most time into:

Fire Emblem: Three Houses!


This game is rock fucking solid! It’s an incredibly addictive tactical RPG with an incredibly interesting, unique, and tragic story, filled with phenomenal characters! I had my gripes with it, sure, but I cannot deny how addicted I was in the early hours of my playthrough! Out of all the Fire Emblems, this one is easily my favorite!

But I’ve already reviewed it. And by god was it a long review! So if you want to know more of my thoughts on it, click the link and check out my full review!

Now, moving on to my next choice: Untitled Goose Game!

I should’ve reviewed this one!

This. Game. Is. So. Cute! And evil! And fun!

In games like GTA or Red Dead 2, there’s always some sort of system in place to make you feel bad for playing the bad guy. Untitled Goose Game doesn’t judge you! It gives you free rein, limiting you only by your physical limits as a goose! You can be the ultimate grim reaper of chaos and the game won’t judge you a bit!

It feels like an old silent film. A comedy of old, where the characters don’t say a word and communicate entirely through body language and actions! It’s hilarious and adorable and I loved every second of playing this game!

Go play Untitled Goose Game. It is a pure delight. It is far more than a funny meme. It is one of my favorite indie games of all time!

Now then, let me move on to game number three: Resident Evil 2 Remake!

*X Gon Give it To Ya plays in distance, slowly growing louder*

Don’t worry. I won’t link you to this review. It’s not a good review.

I hate horror games. I hate survival games. And I hate zombie games. But god damn, I cannot deny how much fun I had with RE2 Remake! It perfectly crafts a horrifying environment through gorgeous graphics and sound design! Mr. X is the single scariest thing I’ve ever had to run away from in a video game! Combat is simple but fun, and it adds to the sense of tension and terror as you lose more ammo with each second!

My expectations for this game are pitifully low. But after having played it and loved it as much as I did? My expectations for the RE3 Remake coming next year are sky high! I cannot wait to see what this series does next!

Which I can also say about game number two: The Outer Worlds!


I will, however, link to this review. I’m fairly proud of this one!

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d finish this game. I thought it would be one of those games I played, enjoyed, then never finished. But almost as soon as I booted it up, I was addicted! My urge to play it was strong all throughout the day! When I finished it, I wanted nothing more than to play it again with a new, different character!

But I’m a busy man. Much to my chagrin.

The sheer amount of freedom offered to you in this game is huge! You can approach any problem entirely in your fashion! Never once does the game actively punish you for your choice, either! You’re always rewarded for trying to play it your way and roleplaying your character!

I love this game. I’ll undoubtedly be playing it more for years to come. It is one of my favorite western RPGs. If Fallout had to die to bring us this, then I can’t say I’m all that sad to see Fallout go.

So those were four of my favorites, all out of any particular order. But now? I’m on to my #1 game of the year! And if you know me, you know what I’m about to say! But let me assure you: I nearly gave this to The Outer Worlds! But god damn, I can’t say I had any more fun with a game this year than I did with Devil May Cry 5!


I’ve already talked about this game to death, so I’ll keep it brief. This game brought me more unparalleled joy than any game this year! Combat is so free and open that you could play it forever! Each character is distinct and fun to play (yes, even V), each boss was a ton of fun to fight, every mission and every enemy within it was a blast to fight! I loved every second of this game, even seven playthroughs later!

Side note: fuck Hell and Hell mode. That is all.

I can’t wait to see where this series goes in the future. Who knows where DMC6 could go? Maybe we’ll finally get a Sparda game in DMC Zero? Maybe we’ll even get a sequel to DMC Devil May Cry!

I can’t say I want the third one all that much. But I’d give it a shot.

And those are my five favorite games of the year! There were a few others that I enjoyed, such as Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Bloodstained. But if I had to choose five games to play out of all the new games from this year, those would be my five.

But here’s the real question: are any of them worthy of ‘game of the decade’?

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