My Review Academia S4 E7: Kicking in the Door

Things are finally getting going. We’re done setting the table. We’re through the appetizers. Now it’s time for the first course!

This episode is pretty solid. It has some heartwarming character moments, some gorgeous visuals, and it finally pushes this arc into full gear! It isn’t much for action, save the last few minutes before the credits. But it is abundantly clear that the wait is over and we’re going to get some nice action in the next few episodes!

The plot to this one is possibly the quickest summary I’ve ever written. After spending a few days waiting, Nighteye and the other heroes find Overhaul’s base, along with Eri’s location. Early the next morning, everyone gathers and begins the raid. There are a few minor events to pad out the runtime, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. But in terms of the major beats, that’s about it.

One scene that stands out is the lunchroom scene early in the episode. Deku, Iida, and Todoroki are all sitting beside each other, buddies like they are. However, Deku’s storming thoughts, consumed by thoughts of Eri and All Might’s predicaments, swarm his mind and dull his focus. Iida and Todoroki take notice and ask him if he’s okay, to which Deku tries to hide his rampaging emotions. In a simple moment of heartwarming kindness, Iida echoes the words Deku told him before their internships in season two, reminding Deku that he can always rely on them. Our protagonist starts crying, his emotions finally boiling over. In response, Iida and Todoroki kindly offer him a bite off of their plates, the warmest of smiles on their faces, telling him that it’s okay for heroes to cry sometimes.

It isn’t a huge scene. The animation doesn’t go off the walls, nothing explodes, the music doesn’t swell, and no one screams something inspiring. It’s a calm, quiet scene. A moment of kindness between three friends. And I absolutely adore it.

I also love the scene where Deku, Kirishima, Tsu, and Uraraka get the call to action late at night. Not because it’s an especially dramatic scene. But because we see Uraraka with bedhead. And that’s fucking adorable.

Visually speaking, there’s only one scene that’s especially impressive. When Nighteye uses his Quirk on one of Overhaul’s men, the one we saw taking care of Eri in the last episode, we get to see what he sees when he uses his Foresight Quirk. The show drops all colors, drawing its characters with thick and heavy lines over a plain background, and flows like a slideshow. It isn’t especially impressive since these drawings are mostly still and barely animated. But it is an interesting departure from the show’s bright and colorful style.

That’s about all I have to say about this episode. It has some great moments, but it isn’t especially impressive. It’s heartwarming and exciting, serving as the perfect final stopping block before all hell breaks loose. There’s a lot to enjoy, but it isn’t especially memorable on its own.

Excluding bedhead Uraraka. That is the purest thing that has ever happened in this entire show.

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