My Review Academia S4 E6: Heroes Unite

Honestly? There isn’t a whole lot to talk about here. This isn’t a bad episode, but there wasn’t a whole lot that happened.

After a few days off of his internship, Deku is brought back to Sir Nighteye’s office. But he isn’t alone: Uraraka, Kirishima, and Tsu are coming along with him, right along with their new co-workers! Nighteye had gathered a whole bunch of heroes, including Eraser Head, Gran Torino, and all of our protagonists. The whole episode is spent with their meeting, discussing their incriminating evidence of Overhaul and his crew, and establishing their plan to take him down.

There is some cool stuff here! Some shots are very creative and visually interesting, such as the shot of Eri trapped in Overhaul’s open mask, like the beak of a bird, which then ominously snaps shut around her. There’s also the impressive grid shot, breaking down the buyer-seller chain of the Quirk erasing drug. It isn’t anything super original, but it is visually interesting.

But in terms of animation? This episode is extremely limited. Aside from a few body movements, most of the animation is through lip animation and nothing more. Granted, there really isn’t space for big, bombastic animation in this particular scene. But it isn’t super engaging to look at. Honestly, if I were watching the dub, I could easily see myself putting the episode on in the background and doing something else.

We do get a few nice character moments in this episode. We see what Nighteye’s vision of All Might’s death has done to him emotionally, as he’s become extremely hesitant to avoid using his power. Deku’s frustrations reach their boiling point, and we see how Mirio’s anger regarding the fate of Eri has done the same. These are nice additions that make the characters feel both consistent and interesting, as we’ve never seen Nighteye vulnerable nor have we seen Deku and Mirio so truly frustrated and upset.

That’s about all there is to say about this episode. In terms of plot, all it does is give our heroes the OK for beating up the bad guys and establish all the heroes that will be joining the fight. It isn’t especially interesting visually, aside from a select few shots, and it is basically the last bit of table-setting for the action. Not bad, but not super interesting.

Luckily, next week promises to be a banger. Or at least the last-last bit of setup for the banger.

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