My Review Academia S4 E1: The Least Bad Recap Yet!

So… are they trying to make the movie canon to the anime? Or are they making a joke that people don’t like/care about the movie? Why else would you mention/show clips of the movie near the beginning of the episode? Now I’m just confused!

That aside… IT’S BACK, LADIES AND GERMS!! My Hero Academia is back for season four, and with it returns one of my favorite series on this blog: ‘My Review Academia’! The series where I review each and every new episode of MHA and give my thoughts on the events in that transpired!

It’s basically ‘Jonah fanboys about My Hero Academia for a thousand words or less’. If you have a problem with that, feel free to complain so I can ignore you.

Unfortunately, I can’t dive deep into the new arc, as we haven’t gotten it yet. First, we need to get caught up on what’s already happened! And you know what that means! It’s time for a recap episode!

Because we all love those…

Now, to be fair: this isn’t a terrible recap. In fact, I kind of like it! It tells an original story with a decently fun, albeit bland, new character! Compared to the recap episodes of seasons two and three, this one is easily the best. Though that’s still not saying much.

The plot is simple. A newspaper outlet wants to write a piece on All Might, but they don’t want to make it boring! Luckily for them, a famous freelance reporter has a theory: All Might has chosen a successor from UA Class 1-A! Working under the pretense of an article all about the students, this freelancer infiltrates UA, observes all of our heroes, and tries to quickly deduce which one could be the next All Might.

This could have been a great little comedy episode! Having the reporter chase loose end after loose end while Deku desperately tries to avoid suspicion could have been wildly entertaining!

But they didn’t do that. Instead, they went for a photo montage while the reporter exposits about what each member of the class can do. There were a few chuckle-worthy gags in there, but that’s about it. It lacks any real substance to make it memorable.

The reporter character isn’t very interesting either. He has a funny Quirk and a decently memorable design, but that’s about it. His story is ‘meh’, serving only to reintroduce everyone to the characters and world of My Hero Academia. In a series filled to the brim with lovable and memorable characters, he sits near the bottom of the list.

I mean… I’ve seen the episode twice and I still don’t remember his name!

Visually speaking, this episode isn’t much to write home about. The animation is very stiff and limited, if it’s there at all! A large chunk of the episode is spent with still photos of the characters in various positions. They’re decently charming and capture the characters well, and the drawings used are very nice. But in terms of actual animation? It’s clear that they’re saving their cash/efforts for the actual series.

Which… I mean… they should.

Honestly, I don’t have much else to say about this episode. It was charming and fun, but devoid of real substance. It was fine, but forgettable. Out of all sixty-plus episodes of this show, this one is still one of the worst. Not the worst, mind you. But it is far from extraordinary.

It’s going to be next week when the fun can start!

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