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Hitman 2: Lost in New York (Game Night!)

I’m sure I’m the first one to make that joke. Everyone look at how original, creative, and not at all lazy I am!

For those of you who weren’t around last year, let me give you some context. I absolutely love the Hitman games. Hitman 2 was close to my 2018 game of the year, trumped out only by God of War and just edging out Spider-Man. Admittedly, I haven’t played it very consistently after that review came up. But I’ve never taken my eyes off of it.

Naturally, I was front in line for the first new DLC map. For a moment, I put ‘Tales of Vesperia’ and ‘The Messenger’ on the backburner. Those reviews could wait. I was just too excited to kill again!

And I was not disappointed.

Story: We All Play Hitman For the Plot, Right?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this DLC to carry on the plot from the base game. But they did, so I guess I can’t complain. I mean, they did fix a few of the issues I had.

Carrying on right where the base game left off, we rejoin 47 and friends as they close in on the Hitman world equivalent of the Illuminati. They’ve hit a snag, but they have a plan: by stealing precious data from a bank in New York tied to the organization and killing the woman safe guarding it. Thus, 47 is set out on yet another mission.

In terms of writing, it isn’t a huge step up from the base game. But they do improve the visual quality of the cutscenes! Rather than still images of character models, we actually get animation! How refreshing!

Let’s be honest. None of us care about this part. We all care about what comes next:


I wonder if people will look back on me and use me as an example as to why video games make people violent, with headers like that one.

You’d think that being set in a bank, 47 would have plenty of tools to play with. Well, you’d be thinking correctly! This map, as with all good Hitman maps, gives the player a huge variety of options for how they’ll take their targets out. None of them are as ridiculous as other maps, but they’re fun nonetheless.

This map really needed a big pink flamingo costume.

Do you want to take revenge on your boss for firing you? Well, you can disguise yourself as the soon-to-be-fired employee and shove the target through a window! Then you get to sneak into the vault and pull off a heist! Or maybe you don’t want to make a huge scene, what with broken glass and falling. You know what you can do? You can grab her sharp looking trophy and drive it into her brain! The possibilities are as limitless as always!

And all that is just in the Story mission! There are a ton of other bits of variety as well!

This may be my favorite map in Hitman 2. It is huge, but decently easy to memorize. Exploring it is a ton of fun, and completing its many challenges is difficult as ever! It makes me all the more excited to see what the devs have in store for later!

Shame the Prison map is a sniper-only one. That could have been fucking awesome!


None of the modern Hitman games have sold especially well. Frankly, it’s a miracle that we got the sequel, and another one that we got DLC for it! The only thing here that isn’t a miracle is that the content has been incredible!

If you haven’t bought Hitman 2, you absolutely should. If you enjoy what you play, then get the DLC for sure. Please support this amazing game in any way you can, because we need more games like this in the world!

And yes, I did just say we need more murder-sims in the world. Again: I wonder if this will be used against me in the future.

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