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My Review Academia S2 E24: Katsuki Bakugo and the No Good, Very Bad Day

Does anyone else remember that book from when they were a kid?

As the penultimate episode of season two, this episode leaves little to be desired. It has some of the best action, some of the best character drama, and some of the best pacing out of any episode in the season thus far. It reaches for the bars set early on by the other battles in the series, such as the Deku VS Todoroki and Stain fights, and sets itself right beside them.

And its all about a teacher beating the shit out of two students that really look up to him. Anime is a wonderland, isn’t it?

The run time of this episode is almost entirely dedicated to the Deku/Bakugo VS All Might fight. But it doesn’t spend all twenty minutes beating Bakugo down with Deku trying to connect and All Might beating the shit out of him. We also get to see more of Bakugo’s childhood, and how he feels about both Deku and All Might.

Not to mention the fight itself is absolutely perfect! The animation is incredible! The choreography is amazing, as Deku and Bakugo employ creative tactics to put the unstoppable All Might down! It is paced brilliantly, juggling the backstory with the battle without missing a beat! It isn’t quite the strongest fight in the series, but it is still damn good!

This episode is a favorite of mine. It’s one of the few that I’ll go back to time and again, without even watching any episode before it. This is a perfect little stand alone slice of anime action. I love it to bits, and I’ll watch it over and over for years to come.

In fact, I might just go and re-watch it right now! I’ll see you guys in an hour for this week’s ‘Watch This Anime!’

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