My Review Academia S2 E22: Best Girl Becomes Best Girl

It wasn’t until I saw the title for this episode that I realized I’ve been spelling Yaoyorozu’s name wrong this whole time. Am I going to go back and correct it? Nope. In fact, don’t be surprised if I continue to get it wrong in the future.

This episode is practically all action. It starts right off the bat with Tsu and Tokoyami’s battle, the continues with Iida and Ojiro, then onto Todoroki and Yaoyorozu (which takes up the rest of the episode), with an extra post-credits scene featuring the beginning of the end of Uraraka and Aoyama’s battle. Each battle is very well animated, incredibly well choreographed, and extremely creative. The tactics used by the winners are all super fun, and they perfectly utilize the different abilities of the characters within them. They’re super short, and the narrative weight within them is low, but they’re still super fun.

There is one fight that is an exception to this rule, that one being the central crux of the episode. Throughout the season, we’ve seen Yaoyorozu’s confidence wither and shatter due to her constant failings. Now, her arc comes to an incredibly engaging and cathartic conclusion. She uses her wits to bring Eraser Head down and bring her self-esteem roaring back to life.

This scene features some of the best visuals and facial art in the whole series. Even as her moment of triumph nears, it’s as clear pure water that Yaoyorozu is terrified. This only makes her triumph all the more rewarding; you can tell that she’s scared out of her mind just by looking at her, but she perseveres anyway. It’s bad ass and super endearing. This was the scene that made her one of my favorite characters.

Oh, and I guess Todoroki was there too. He didn’t get any development, he just sort of helped. I suppose the writers decided that he’d already had more than enough character development for the season.

This is a solid episode featuring a lot of development for a great character. The action is quick, creative and fun. It all goes by incredibly quickly, and the episode comes to an end before you know it. It isn’t the best episode of the series, but it’s certainly one of the best in this arc.

Which is one of the best ones we’ve gotten so far. Which is impressive, considering how good everything else is. How does this fucking series continue to get better and better?

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