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My Review Academia S2 E20: Mimicry is the Highest Form of Flattery

This episode is cathartic as hell! After roughly thirty-two episodes, we finally see our boy Deku rise up and surpass most of his classmates! Shame that the moment is so short lived.

But before that, we get another of my favorite kind of scenes: all the kids hanging out and just being kids! Their reunion after their internships show just how much they’ve grown, especially so for Iida and Uraraka. It’s as cute as ever.

After this, we get the scene where Deku struts his stuff. It’s especially satisfying, as everyone in the class makes bets on who will be first. All of them have differing opinions, save one: Deku will lose and Sero will likely win first. This of course turns out to be the case, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of Deku’s progress.

Especially since Bakugo is sitting on the sidelines, cursing. Which is always satisfying to watch. Even more so at this point in the series.

Once this short little action scene is over (and a scene of Mineta’s perversions ending about as well as usual), All Might decides it’s finally time to clue Deku in to a few important things. These include: One For All’s birth, All For One, and everything we know about the villain. These are the last few seeds that needed planting for the big battle against him in the next season, as well as the inevitable fallout. Plus, we get a small hint of what life was like just after Quirks first appeared, making the world feel even more fleshed out than it already was.

With the seed of dread planted in the audience, the episode comes to an end. The still-excellent fantasy ED plays (once again, I’d kill a couple dozen human infants to get this as a whole series), and we get a short post-credits scene that sets up both the Final Exams arc and the first arc of the next season.

All in all, this is another solid episode. It’s fun, sets up future events perfectly, and serves as the perfect pallet cleanser after an excellent arc. However, the art and animation is incredibly up and down in this one. Sometimes it’s great. Others, it is only a few steps above the ‘Resurrection F’ Arc of Super. Still, it is an understandable issue, given what we’re going to get in the final five episodes of the season.

But we’ll get to those later. Then I can finally rest and leave My Hero Academia be. My task, to review every episode of the series, will finally be complete.

Until October comes along and makes me do it all over again.

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