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My Review Academia S2 E18: The Goodest Boy

With the best fight in the series behind us, it’s time we cool down a bit. Fallout kind of needs to fall, after all.

While this episode does have some good world building and character moments, it is entirely an episode for cooling off. We just got through a major plot point; now, we need to relax a bit. Don’t go expecting anything action packed or thrilling.

Don’t get me wrong. The world building is incredibly solid. It’s here that we learn more about the general rules of using Quirks, how Heroes function, and what happens when the rules aren’t followed. This is a seed, one that would sprout in the battle with All For One, when our heroes needed to save Bakugo without fighting, and would bloom in the Provisional License arc, which centers around that very rule. This is a clever way of planting it, and shows that the story’s writer knows what he’s doing.

Y’know. In case he hasn’t already done so about a thousand fucking times.

Continuing with this world building, we see just how Stain’s defeat, as well as that of the three Nomus, affected the world of the story. We see several new villains appear, all inspired by Stain’s actions and deceived into working with the League of Villains. These would be the major players in season three’s first major story arc, as well as the rest of that season, and more than likely the fourth. Plus, this change further spurs our villain, Shigurake Tomura, into further depths of villainy.

Then, in a much lighter tone, we see how the different characters at different internships react to the arrest. And… can we take a moment to appreciate the hilarious sight of Bakugo with his hair all combed and a pair of jeans around him? Cause that makes me happier than I can possibly describe.

We also see how Iida handles the consequences of his actions. His left hand has been damaged immensely, for the long term. Treatment seems possible, but he decides to leave it as a symbol of his failure. Thus, Iida begins to take his first steps towards becoming a true hero, and his arc in the Stain saga comes to a close. He, Deku and Todoroki all become closer friends.

Even if Todoroki has become “The Hand Crusher”. Not the catchiest or most warming hero name, but hey! It’ll do.

While it’s definitely a slower episode, it’s without a doubt one of the stronger ones. It perfectly sets the stage for the arcs to come, all while putting the story of Stain to a close. It’s a fantastic chapter in the story, and it simply cannot be skipped.

If not just to see Bakugo actively wishing he were dead.

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