My Review Academia S2 E15: Full Cowl

Last episode, we left off with Deku achieving a new transformation. So what better way to start this one off than with him putting it to use?

Deku’s sparring match with Gran Torino is far from the most intense battle in the series. It’s simple, low stakes, and very short. But it can’t be denied that it’s very fun, well animated and choreographed. It’s a ton of fun for what it’s worth.

But the fun isn’t allowed to last this time around. After a brief montage of the other characters at their internships, we rejoin All Might and his friend from the police force. Here, we gain our first hint towards the return of All For One. It’s a simple and menacing scene, one that shows a more intimidating side to All Might.

Not to be outdone, we get a scene of Stain and Shigurake facing each other down. This simple, creepy scene establishes the threat held by both of these characters. Stain and Shigurake are on a reasonably level playing field physically, but their ideologies are entirely different. There are now three factions at work, two of which are aimed at the throats of our heroes. Both of which are just as strong as each other, and incredibly ruthless. Thus, the ground is set for the battle.

The rest of the episode is all just wrap up on the table setting. Stain is posed and ready to go. Shigurake has unleashed the Nomus. Iida has begun his hunt for the Hero Killer. And of course: Deku is dragged into the action by the attack. And of course: Stain is mere moments from claiming another victim.

Unfortunately, the battle itself doesn’t start until next episode. But that doesn’t mean this episode is unimportant. If this weren’t here to set the stage so perfectly, the battle wouldn’t be half as grand as it is.

I’m just an impatient bastard who wants to talk about his favorite fight.

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