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My Review Academia S2 E6: The Bracket

I honestly have a hard time talking about this episode. Not because it’s bad. There’s just not a whole lot to talk about. A good seventy percent of it’s events are inconsequential and only serve as a break between the action. Still, there’s enough here to warrant it’s existence outside of a set up.

This episode has two pretty small but decent character moments that I really like. The first is Todoroki’s summation of his backstory to Deku. It gives insight as to the reasoning behind his actions, and it sets up the reveal to take place in their battle. It’s not much, but it’s enough.

We also get the first in-depth look at Ojiro’s character with his withdrawal from the tournament. We see his pride, respect for his classmates, and generous nature on full display through this episode. It’s nice to see a character that’s been treated as a background extra gain a little depth.

Also in this episode is a new addition to the “Reasons Mineta is Literally the Fucking Worst” list. You’d think that list couldn’t get any more frighteningly long, but I assure you: you will always be wrong if you think that way. Like right here, when he tricks Yaorozu and the other girls of Class 1-A to dress in cheerleader uniforms. A deception that makes me want to grab him by the head and do this.


My only question is: why the fuck did they believe him for even a second? Having Kaminari backing him up only makes it more suspicious! At this point, their response should’ve just been a slap to the head.

Actually, he’d probably enjoy that, never mind.

Then we get the most confusing part of this episode: the Recreational Games. These fun little side activities serve as a short action montage to kill time before the climactic battles of the tournament. One of these games is simple: the player is given a card, and they need to ask the audience to give them the item written on said card. Easy enough, and a fun way to give the viewers agency.

The second game, which we only get to see once in a still, makes no god damn sense. The students are on the running tracks, with… big red balls? Do they need to roll them to the end? Is it an Indiana Jones thing where they need to escape it? Can they sabotage the other students? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

Aside from those, there’s not much in this episode. It’s a passable transition episode leading into the tournament bracket. It has enough to make it a worthy use of your time, but it’s also one of the most easily skipped episodes in the series upon a re-watch.

Unless you’re fifteen and you want to see the girls in cheerleader costumes. But if you’re above eighteen, please remember that these girls are in fact fifteen and it’s really creepy to sexualize them please stop!

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