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My Review Academia S2 E4: Squad Up!

Fucking hell, I don’t know what’s wrong with this one. I’ve written this review twice before this one, and neither one has come through. It’s just deleted itself both times. Now, I get to review it for a third, and hopefully last, time. And the fact that I’ve only just noticed, months later, that it’s blank is both infuriating and embarrassing. So let’s get it done right this time, shall we?

-Highly annoyed and tired Jonah of April 2019. Fixing a post from January. Because the universe really doesn’t like me tonight, apparently.

This is an incredibly creative and fun episode. It’s not in my list of favorites, but it’d be a damn shame to overlook it. The sheer amount of imagination on display, from the basic setup of the event to the use of each character’s unique abilities, is staggering! Watching this one is fun from beginning to end!

Let’s start with the team compositions. In a typical show like this, you could easily figure out what the teams will be; all the heroes in the primary cast would be a team, the anti-heroes would be a team, and the side characters would be randomly assigned to their own teams. But My Hero decides to shake things up and give us team compositions you would never expect!

Just look at Deku’s team! You have the obvious pick of Uraraka, yes. But can you honestly say you expected Hastume Mei and Tokoyami to make up the rest? Congratulations! If you said yes, you are a fucking liar!

The other teams are equally creative and fun! Mineta and Tsu riding on Shoji’s back is the perfect blend of ridiculous and sensical! Bakugo working with Kirishima, Sero and Ashido to move quickly, launch their leader into the air and catch him all while being durable is both logical and genuinely intimidating! Each team is clearly well thought out, and watching them in action is a ton of fun!

Which leads me to the next best thing in this episode: Quirks. As mentioned earlier, they’re all put to creative and interesting use through this episode. Creative uses of super powers like these are so much fun that I think it might be my secret kink. Seriously, watching Ashido use her acid to help her team maneuver around more smoothly, Shoji protect his teammates in his arms, and Tokoyami protecting everyone with Dark Shadow legitimately makes me hard!

Y’know, I only realize after writing that down that it is wrong in so many different ways. But I’m going to keep it there. I’ll let it stand as a testament to my failures as a human being. Please feel free to screenshot that and send it to me on my Twitter (@jernahblunt) if you feel I need to be brought back to reality.

Thanks. Let’s move on and, hopefully, never mention that again.

As the first half of the Cavalry Battle, this episode is incredibly solid. It’s fun from start to end, and it’s oozing creativity out of every corner! It’s an absolute blast, and it’s still worth watching to this day.

There. Fixed it. Now please let me never have to do this again.

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