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Day 315: My Dream Fighterz Season 2 Roster

Thanks to some recent V-Jump leaks (the source of which you can find at the bottom) we know two big pieces of news in regards to Dragon Ball Fighterz. One: we’re getting a new wave of DLC with all new characters. And two: Jiren will be the first of these new additions.

What we don’t know is who we’re getting after he comes out. And do you know what I love? Speculation.

Now, I’ve thrown out guesses at DLC characters before. But this time, I’ll be rolling with all new picks, with only one exception. That means no Roshi, Toppo or Chi Chi, as they were my picks before. I’d still love to see them, but I can’t discuss them again.

And I want to make it clear: this isn’t fact. At all. These are characters I think would be fun to see.

We’re going to assume that, much like the first batch of characters, we’re getting eight new characters. Since Jiren is already confirmed via leaks, we’re down to seven. Which means I have seven chances to be either wrong or completely wrong!

Let’s get started with my first and most desired character: the champion and true savior of Earth: Hercule Satan!

Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!

For the love of fucking god, just put this guy in the game already! Fighterz is already so close to perfect! Throw in a Dan Hibiki style character and you’ll have the best fighting game ever made!

I don’t want him to be a genuinely great character. Hell, you could make him completely worthless for all I care! Just let me play as the champ and Dynamite Kick Jiren in the face!

You know some pro player out there would take him to the top! And you also know that you’d root for him from round one of the tournament!

I don’t give a rat’s ass as to who else gets in. Give me Hercule Satan, and I’d not only by the second season pass. I’d buy the whole damn game and both season passes. Again.

Alright. That’s the only returning pick. Now onto the newest character I’d like to see: Super Broly.


Yes, classic Broly is already in the game. But if we needed three separate Vegeta’s and four flavors of Goku, then god dammit we deserve two Broly’s! Especially when Super Broly is so much better than the original in every way!

Honestly, this is the one that I honestly believe will make it in. His movie is super hot right now (pun not intended but definitely taken) and he has more than enough unique moves to make him a full character. He’s a perfect fit for this game!

And if he doesn’t get his own slot, he can replace old Broly! I don’t think anyone would really care.

On the subject of the new movie, let’s look at the other likely candidate: SSGSS Gogeta.


Yes, we’ve got Vegeto. Yes, I love Vegeto. In fact, he’s my best character. But, much like Broly, Gogeta has more than enough to stand out compared to his counterpart.

He’s popular, he’s got plenty of new and cool moves, and he’d make an excellent release partner for Super Broly.

Speaking of release partners, let’s talk about what may be the most obvious pick: Ultra Instinct Goku.


Come on guys. If we’re honest, we all know he’s coming. They’ve already shoved four other varities of Goku down our throat, may as well prepare ourselves for the fifth.

As sick as I am of seeing different Goku’s, I wouldn’t mind if his move set was cool. Luckily, UI Goku has plenty of choices at his disposal. He could be an interesting counter/dodge focused character, or he could have tons of light and numerous combos.

Just so long as I can do that thing where he slides across the energy blast, I’d accept anything.

But that’s all new stuff! Let’s go back in time and have a look at some older Dragon Ball characters that deserve a spot. And you know who is cool enough to get one?



Yes, he has less personality than a Pokemon. Yes, he’s a shameless rip off of Buu. But you know what? Cooler is just a Freeza rip off and he still got a spot, so Janemba deserves one to!

This guy has some of the coolest moves in the series! He’s got that awesome sword, Lego teleportation, and you could even use some moves from the Fat Janemba! Plus, Gogeta could have some fun interactions with him and even have a Dramatic Finish!

If we need to add more movie villains, then there is no one more deserving than Janemba. Plus, then we could have the Z movie villain team of Classic Broly, Cooler and Janemba! That’d be sick!

Next up, my first and only pick from the GT canon: Omega Shenron.


As much as I hate GT, I can’t deny that there are many people out there who love it. One of my managers from my first job even said it was his favorite Dragon Ball series (shout outs to him, he’s a great dude). But thus far, Fighterz hasn’t given any of GT’s characters time in the spotlight. We may as well have one.

Omega Shenron is the best pick for that. His moves are diverse and cool, his design is simple but effective, and he’s the character everyone remembers from GT the most. Plus, much like Janemba, he could have a few fun interactions with Gogeta. And I’d kill to see him impale and electrocute Zamasu with his back spikes like in the Budokai Tenkaichi games.

Then we could finally stop asking for GT characters.

Alright. This is it. The big one. The one that we all know we want. The character that would push this game from great to perfect.

Ultra Instinct Shaggy!

Like, I’m goin’ further beyond, Scoob!

Embrace the meme! Let’s see Shaggy throw down with the Z Fighters! Maybe they’ll be able to make him use ten percent of his power! He’s not short on moves! Have you seen Scooby Doo? The dude has a bigger list of abilities than Superman pre Crisis!

In all seriousness, I do think that the final DLC character should be more of a dark horse pick. Let’s expand it and have some fun! Arcsys has some cool franchises! Let’s get Sol Badguy in there to fight Goku! Or maybe a One Piece character, since they’ve made games for that series before!

Personally, I don’t really care who character eight is. Hell, I’d take Shaggy any day! So long as they’re fun, it doesn’t matter to me.

That’s it. Those are the characters I personally wish would get a slot in Fighterz. Feel free to let me know who you’d like to see, and we’ll get a discussion going.

See you guys later!

Leak Source

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