Day 307: The Emperor’s Best Disney Film

Day 307: The Emperor’s Best Disney Film

Release Date: December 15th, 2000
Directed By: Mark Dindal
Screenplay By: David Reynolds
Running Time: 78 Minutes

Everyone has their favorite Disney movie. Some people prefer the classics, like The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, or Sword in the Stone. Others prefer films from the Disney Renaissance, like the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Hercules, or Beauty and the Beast. And I’m sure some people would say that they love the modern Disney films, like Zootopia or Moana.

My opinions on the matter change very often. It practically shifts daily. But the one that I come back to most often is The Emperor’s New Groove.

Most, if not all, people have seen this movie at one point or another. But oddly enough, very few people bring it up when they’re discussing the best Disney films! Why? This movie is easily one of the most entertaining animated films ever made!

Everything here is absolutely hilarious. The animation is smooth, highly energetic and full of life. Each character has a unique and memorable design that tells a lot of their personality and makes them super easy to remember. The movie has a very light hearted and goofy tone, but it’s not afraid to have some serious moments that give the film some genuine drama.

Then, of course, there’s the writing. This dialogue feels like it was written just for me in every god damn scene! It has a sort of Deadpool style to it, where it will happily tear down the fourth wall out of nowhere in order to deliver a powerhouse of a joke. And each of these jokes are absolutely hilarious, and they’ll likely hang around in my memory for years, right alongside Monty Python and the Holy Grail, both Deadpool films and Ghostbusters.

This fantastic writing is only made better by the animation. I could take one still image from any point in this film, and you’d immediately know where it’s from, what scene it is, and likely the joke that’s on display. For example, here’s one of the internet’s favorite memes from recent years!

What an exquisite frame this is.

Also really quick, on the subject, I do need to show you guys something.

I’m not apologizing.

This movie is also filled to the brim with meme potential. Everyone knows the joke “Kuzco is the best Disney Princess” joke, and everyone who has ever seen this film can finish the quote when someone else says “PULL THE LEVER, KRONK!!” Very likely without a moment of hesitation.

And, of course, there is Kronk. Practically every line of dialogue this guy has is hysterical! Whether he’s talking to a squirrel, stepping up to plate at an unmanned restaurant, or debating with his shoulder angel and devil, this guy is easily the funniest character in the whole movie. So much so that he got his own spin off/ sequel.


Yeah, betcha didn’t know that existed!

The film even got it’s own Disney Channel original show with The Emperor’s New School. That one, however, is a lot harder to talk about. Mostly because I can’t remember a damn thing about it and I don’t want to buy the series. All I remember was enjoying it a lot as a child whenever I’d catch it at my grandparent’s house.

But I enjoyed whatever you’d put in front of me as a child, so I’d take that with a grain of salt.

Like I said earlier, my opinions on my favorite Disney film changes very often. But more often than not, if you ask me for my favorite, The Emperor’s New Groove will be my answer. It’s beautiful and hilarious. The only real issue I can think of is that the score, while it works well for the film, is very forgettable. Aside from that, this film may as well be perfect in my eyes.

Now, the question is: when is Disney going to adapt this one into live action?

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