Day 273: Speculating Who Will Godzilla VS Kong

Day 273: Speculating Who Will Godzilla VS Kong

After that hype as hell trailer dropped a few days ago, I’ve once again found myself on a Godzilla kick. Don’t worry, it won’t consume the rest of the content for the month. That would leave me with no space for the 12 Days of Anime (more on that right here if you’re curious) or the Christmas special movie review.

So I’m going to make this post big and as exhausting as possible. That way, by the time I’m done writing it, I won’t want to talk about the series anymore. At least not for a while. And what topic out there is more exhausting than the fifty year old debate: who would win?

Godzilla or King Kong?

Now, before you mention the original Kong VS Godzilla cross over, I personally don’t count it for one simple reason. Kong won due to his popularity, not because of his abilities. Back in the day, Kong was way more popular than Godzilla, and Toho feared that the viewers would be unsatisfied if the more popular Kaiju lost. Thus, King Kong pulled the victory of Godzilla.

In the modern day, however, this debate is much more fair. People don’t want the most popular monster to win anymore; they want the most deserving fighter to come out on top. Sure, most people’s ‘most deserving’ fighter is also their favorite, but the fight isn’t as one sided as it was before. Legendary has crafted the beginnings of a monster universe starring classic Kaiju with modern and fair combat.

Both of our fighters thus far have had one movie each for us to look at. The first is Godzilla from 2014, and the second is Kong: Skull Island from a few years later. Both of these provide us a reasonable ground for what these Kaiju are capable of and will be capable of by the time Godzilla VS Kong rolls around in 2020.

Let’s start off with my boy Godzilla. His character sheet is pretty simple. Godzilla is a walking nuclear tank: slow, durable and extremely powerful. He is incredibly slow, but his massive stride more than makes up for that. While his arms don’t have much reach, that is made null by the massive power and reach of his tail and the devastating power of the Atomic Breath (although that does take a little bit to charge up, which could leave him open). Slow, but extremely durable and powerful, and with enough stamina to last a very long fight.

Then there’s Kong, who is on the other end of the spectrum entirely. Kong is lacking in raw power, at least in comparison to Godzilla, but what he lacks in power he more than makes up for in speed, intelligence and creativity. He has been shown to make his own weapons out of trees and loose parts, and he’s more than skilled enough to put them to use in a fight. He’s also been shown to be able to utilize the weaknesses of his opponents against him.

So for this match up, we have brain and speed vs brawn and endurance. Now, there is one very important thing to any match up: the setting. What’s in the environment for the fighters can greatly shift the favor of the battle. For example, if the fight were in the ocean, Godzilla would win without a shadow of a doubt. Y’know. Because Kong would just fucking drown.

To be fair to both combatants, let’s put it in the classic environment for a Kaiju battle: the city. Godzilla and Kong, in our speculation at least, will be set against each other in down town… let’s say New York, I guess. There are sky scrappers abound and, of course, a fruitlessly struggling military power.

Can’t have a Kaiju film without that.

Now, who has the strongest chance here? Kong can move fast, using the buildings to stay out of Godzilla’s reach or to use them as makeshift weapons. Godzilla, however, is more than devastating enough to completely level the surrounding city, leaving Kong without anywhere to hide or any weapons to use. Godzilla could use the atomic breath for a quick kill, but Kong would be smart and fast enough to avoid getting killed and even use the build up time to deliver a devastating blow to Godzilla. Kong could use some makeshift and deadly weapons, but Godzilla’s tough enough to take a ton of punishment and keep fighting. Kong’s speed/wits and Godzilla’s power/defenses simply null each other out. Which leaves us with one thing: stamina.

In the end, this fight will turn into an endurance match. Can Kong survive Godzilla’s extreme power long enough to wear him down, and can Godzilla power through Kong’s creative methods and brutal attacks long enough for him to become exhausted? That is the question of the fight.

A question that strongly favors Godzilla.

Kong can last a while, yes, but Godzilla has been established to have a practically limitless stamina. In the 2014 Godzilla, it took two MUTO of extreme power (both of which were working together) just to knock him down, and you know what happened? He got back up, delivered a killing blow, and passed the fuck out. Now do that again, but with only one opponent to worry about.

I mean no disrespect to the King, but a King isn’t as mighty as a God. Kong will undoubtedly put up a fierce fight. There wouldn’t be a movie if that wasn’t the case. But Godzilla simply has more stamina and durability than Kong. Eventually, Kong’s stamina will run out, leaving him vulnerable to Godzilla’s extreme power.

The winner, based on what we’ve seen thus far and my own interpretation of this evidence, is Godzilla.

Now, this isn’t gospel. I’m not writing the movie, after all. For all I know, I’m completely wrong and Kong will turn around and pull a victory. We’ll only know when the movie comes out. I just thought it’d be fun to theorize. Honestly, I’m perfectly fine with either Kong or Godzilla claiming victory.

Just so long as the fight is awesome. Of which I have no doubt it will be.

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