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My Review Academia S1 E6: we’re sure Bakugo is mentally stable, right?

Legit, has no one, at any point, thought that maybe they should send Bakugo to some kind of therapy? The dude is far from safe to his peers. I mean, for god’s sake, he can create fucking explosions from his hands! And no one has thought ‘Hey, maybe we should do something about those anger management issues?’ at this point?

Bakugo worry aside, this is a really fun episode. We get some truly adorable and funny moments between Deku, Uraraka and Iida, as well as a fun exchange between All Might and Eraser-Head that add depth to both their characters and relationship to one another. After that, we get a brief montage that breaks down what is taught at U.A. and when it’s taught, which makes it feel like a real school, making the setting that much more alive and interesting.

Also, I’d fucking love to have Present Mic as an English teacher. That just sounds really fun. And what is Lunch-Rush, exactly? Is he like, a robot-man? I honestly have no idea.

These are the things I think about while watching this show.

My strange curiosities aside, we finally get to see what I think we were all waiting for: the Hero Costumes. Each characters costume is fun and interesting, and they all give fun insights into their character. And some of them invoke even more odd questions from myself.

For example: why the fuck did Mineta want to dress up as a weird purple diaper baby? I thought he wanted to look cool. Also, what is up with Todoroki’s? Why’d he freeze and entire side of his body? And how come we basically never see it again after this season? And did Jiro and Kaminari just ask to be allowed to dress in their casual clothes? I mean, they look cool, but they don’t strike me as super-hero costumes.

I could go on and one for days.

After costume introductions, as well as the break down of the test, we get right into the major set piece for the rest of the episode: Deku and Bakugo’s first battle. This fight is pretty fucking sweet. Right off the bat, we get a fantastic, wordless stare down from both fighters that perfectly encapsulate both their relationship and their feelings towards one another. Then there’s the first exchange of the fight, which… I mean come on, they made an over-the-shoulder grapple look fucking awesome!

The expression work here is also top notch as always. The admiration in Uraraka’s eyes, the fear in Deku’s, and the blind rage in Bakugo’s are all extremely well drawn and expressive. You can see just how extreme the emotions they’re feeling right now really are, which builds an insane amount of excitement and tension for the battle.

Which will come next episode.

I love this episode. It’s full of cute and endearing moments, it’s very well drawn, and it leads into one of the best episodes in season one. When I saw the show for the first time, this was the episode that got me well and truly sucked in.

So as you can imagine, it has a special place in my heart.

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