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ARCHIVE My Review Academia S3 E13: THE UNPARALLELED THRILL OF… teenagers decorating their dorm rooms…

Original Release: June 30th, 2018

And with this, all of the My Review Academia posts from the original site have been Archived. Now, if you want to watch the evolution of my reviewing skills and my thoughts on each episode of season three, you can catch them all with great ease! Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!

This episode was a blast followed immediately by an emotional kick to the junk.

After all the events of the previous episodes, it’s nice to have a moment to catch our breaths and relax before the next arc kicks up.

Also, it looks like I’m not getting my time skip after all. Oh well.

Really quick, I’m gonna bullet point the events of this episode.

-Everyone moves into the dorms
-Aizawa threatens everyone with expulsion do to Deku, Iida, Todoroki, Kirishima and Yaorozu’s rescue attempt and no one trying to stop them, but he lets it pass due to All Might’s retirement
-Bakugo lightens the mood by making Kaminari go retard mode and he repays Kirishima, who blew his cash buying night-vision goggles
-After everyone is unpacked, they explore everyone’s different rooms, except for Bakugo Tsuyu and Mineta (the latter being for obvious reasons)
-Once the exploring is done, everyone votes on who has the best room

These last two take up the bulk of the episode, and it’s really enjoyable and pretty funny. There are tons of unique character interactions, like Deku getting embarrassed when everyone sees his All Might merchandise collection, Uraraka appreciating Kirishima’s macho gym-like bedroom, and everyone making fun of Jiro for being a rock-girl and very un-womanlike (to which she responds by stabbing them with her earplugs, which is pretty fucking scary if you think about it). It’s incredibly fun to watch and even gives us insight into characters we hadn’t seen much of until now.

Then, at the end of the episode, we get Tsuyu and Uraraka confronting the rescue team, scolding them and sobbing that they were super worried. Everyone hugs and makes up, and the episode ends. Plus, we finally get to see a little more of how Deku’s fight with Muscular effected him in a brief shot of his arm.

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty severe and messy. That boy’s arm is fucked up.

Apparently this episode was a fan-favorite manga chapter, and I can see why. It’s very charming, fun and gives the characters a new layer of depth. Some are obvious, but a lot add layers that we never knew existed.

While this one was real good, I’m looking forward to the next more. Because now we get my favorite cliche in all of anime: ultimate attacks!

God I’m so excited!

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