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Day 231: Castlevania Requiem Review (Halloween Special, I Guess)

It’s Halloween. Kids will get candy, teens will be assholes, and adults will… do whatever we adults are supposed to do on Halloween. Hand out the candy? Scold the assholes? I have no idea. But I know what I’m doing.

Playing a Castlevania game, as that’s the closest I can get to horror without either getting bored or being too frightened to have a good time.

Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood are some of my favorite Castlevania games, especially Symphony. They’re challenging, fun, and features some of the best boss fights and levels in any game I’ve ever played. I have played Symphony on both the original PS1 and the port of PSP, and I’ve played both to completion.

So naturally, when Konami announced they were doing a double-pack re-release of both games together on the PS4, I was… highly worried. The last thing I wanted was for them to ruin two of the best games they’d ever produced. But as much as I wanted to avoid giving them money, I had to make sure they didn’t butcher it.

Good news: they didn’t butcher the games themselves. But good god, this package is bare fucking bones.

In terms of the games, it’s what you expect. Symphony of the Night is still what it used to be (although they do use the PSP version rather than the original, which is kind of disappointing) and the same can be said for Rondo of Blood. If you’re worried that Konami has stained some of their best works, fear not. The games themselves haven’t been touched.

Now, you can play with some of the visuals. You can change the aspect ratio, smooth the sprites, or change the background. And… that’s about it. If you’re hoping to make the games look better than they did, you are gonna be disappointed.

But when it comes to bundle packs like this, the unlocks are what grabs people’s attention. So how are those? Nonexistent, that’s how. You don’t unlike any extra concept art for beating the games, you don’t get anything for getting the new achievements, you get absolutely nothing. If you buy this bundle, you’re buying it to get the games and nothing else.

This lazy attitude is carried even further in the menus. The opening menu is bare bones, and the game selection menu is both bare bones and really ugly. It’s easily the worst looking thing in the game, and just looking at it makes me regret giving Konami twenty of my hard earned dollars.

Come on guys, at least try to make it look nice?

That’s about all there is to say. The games are great, but the bundle itself is bare bones and pathetic. But if you can get past that and only want to play two of Castlevania’s best games, this bundle isn’t a terrible use of your time or money. But if you’re one of the many who have boycotted Konami, then this won’t convince you to change that.

In fact, it may further encourage it.

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