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My Review Academia S1 E4: Quirks Abound!

Okay, can we take a minute to ask how the hell some of the class 1-A kids passed this fucking test? Seriously, if it’s all about taking down robots and being heroic, then how did Invisible Girl, Animal Whisperer and fucking Mineta pass the exam?! AND DON’T BRING UP THAT THE MANGA SAID HOW IN SIDE PANELS, THAT DOESN’T COUNT!!

Well, it does, but… you know what I fucking mean!

Anyways, this episode is pretty good. The music was stellar as always, it’s pretty well animated, and it’s paced decently well (although it does still have those typical Shonen flash backs to the previous episode that drag the pacing down a bit).

In terms of new, this show introduced a few new characters and a whole bunch of new Quirks. We get to see Iida’s Engine Legs in action, Uraraka’s Gravity powers, we meet Aoyama and he shows off his laser power, and we see a few shots of Shoji doing… things. If you don’t know what his Quirk is, it’s pretty confusing.

All of the powers on display are fun, interesting and visually spectacular. Watching them all fly throughout the exam makes it a much more thrilling spectacle than you’d expect for a test.

And then there’s, of course, Deku’s first Smash. Watching him break through the dust cloud, flying at super speed, then sending the giant faux villain flying is immensely satisfying, and watching him struggle to calculate a landing strategy after breaking his legs and arm is nail biting.

Followed by the chuckle worthy Uraraka slap-save.

Then there’s the end scene, which features a few very excellently done beats. First off, Deku waiting for his rejection letter. Watching him calculate his chances for a pass with an empty and depressed aura in his eyes really gives the feeling that the character is both a real person and very defeated. The expression work done on Deku in this scene is spot on.

Then there’s the utterly adorable beat with Uraraka trying to give Deku some of her points. Watching her struggle to describe him without so much as a name is both heartwarming and cute as hell, and listening to her basically beg to give him some of her points tugs at the heart strings. It’s a really great scene that serves as the first of many cute Deku and Uraraka moments.

And of course, the final reveal: the rescue point system. This reveal, while completely predictable, is still incredibly well executed. Watching Deku’s eyes change from a depressed state of denial to hope and utter joy is both relatable and uplifting, and the use of the track ‘You Can Become a Hero’ further increases the scene’s power. Out of the three points, this one is the strongest.

Oh yeah, and his mother’s reaction is utterly adorable. Though we don’t get that until after the credits.

All in all, it’s another really great episode to a really great show. Even coming back to it after all this time is still an utter blast. It’s fun, emotional, and well executed.

Just like the rest of the show, really.


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