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Day 226: Metroid Prime 3 Review

Quick note: I won’t be reviewing Metroid Pinball. I don’t have ready access to it, and I don’t want to take the dive to find a copy. As fun (and stupid) as that game is, I don’t have the time nor energy to play it for the sake of review.

This is one of the oddest games in the series. It’s not bad by any means, in fact it’s really good, but it’s certainly odd.

Gameplay wise, it’s a Metroid Prime game. You’ve got your scanning, you’ve got your shooting (although you can’t switch between weapons, which I’m not a fan of) your Morph Ball puzzles, and a lot of enemies to murder.

So, in terms of the game, it’s pretty much the same as the rest. So what makes it so weird? Two things: the plot and the Hypermode system.

This game has the most active plot in the entire series. It has some of the most present characters in the whole series, with full voice acting and solid animation (these are also the best characters in the series, in case you’re curious).

It’s a very good plot that wraps up the Phazon and Dark Samus threads from the previous Prime games. The characters are interesting, the new locals (oh yeah, you visit other planets, and it’s cool) are beautiful and interesting. It’s an incredibly solid story that adds well to the Metroid universe without feeling forced and terrible.

Like the next game I have to review.

Then there’s the Hypermode system. See, one of the major plot points in this game is that Dark Samus infuses Samus and the other bounty hunters (who are the three best boss fights in the series) with a Phazon virus. The Federation (because they’re stupid) builds Samus a new suit called the PED, which allows her to tap into it. Using it gives her an incredible power in exchange for risking her life.

It’s a simple system, but it’s an interesting gameplay mechanic. Using it makes you feel powerful, but when it starts to go overload, it creates a feeling of anxiety and panic. It’s a really good addition to get you even more immersed in the game.

Overall, it’s a solid game. It has the best fights in the series, it looks great, plays great, and the story is one of the best in the series. I wish I had more to say about it, but there’s not much else to say. It’s just really good.

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