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Day 223: Metroid Prime Hunters Review

Who remembers this game? Anyone? No? Yeah, neither did I.

And there’s a reason for that.

In between the release of Metroid Prime 2 and 3, Nintendo decided to release a portable entry in the series to hold fans over. A sort-of sequel that really doesn’t have a place in the timeline. And that game is Metroid Prime Hunters.

Y’know how many people bought it? Me, and… Yeah, that’s about it.

Let’s start with the positives. This game has some of the coolest boss fights in the series, each one being a one-on-one fight with another bounty hunter. It’s pretty cool and interesting.

Though it would be more so if the game didn’t look like and control like butt.

Yeah, as you could probably expect, a first person shooter on the DS was never really going to work. Between the buttons and the touch pad, merely playing this game is a trial in both my patience and in untangling my hands.

The ladder of which I’m still struggling to overcome, even after finishing the game.

But I’m still talking about the positives here. We’ll get to the games many (and I do mean many) issues later.

Each level is unique, with each environment standing out from the previous entries in the series and adding a new and interesting corner to the Metroid universe. I can say with confidence that these locations are worth revisiting, perhaps in later games.

The same can be said of the aforementioned Hunters. Each of the new Bounty Hunters introduced in this game look cool and invoke interest. In terms of their execution, they feel like a rough draft for the Hunter boss fights in Prime 3. Some of these guys have really cool boss fights.

Or at least they would be cool, if not for the also aforementioned controls.

And that’s about it for the positives. It adds some neat stuff to the Metroid lore with cool characters and boss fights.

Now let’s get into the issues.

In terms of story, this game is the weakest of all the series, right next to Other M. While other games in the series at least gave you the bare minimum about what you’re doing and why, this game just… doesn’t. It throws you in there and yells ‘GO!’. And while I can appreciate that, I do want to at least have a reason to go and slaughter everything in my way.

Another is the game’s presentation. Coming off of Metroid Prime 1, 2 and Zero Mission, which are some of the best looking games Nintendo has ever produced, this game looks like complete ass. Plot twist: the DS can’t keep up with a 3D first-person shooter game. It looks bad and runs just as poorly.

Combine that with the weak plot and terrible controls, and you’ve got one of the weakest and most infuriating to play games in the entire Metroid game ever made. Everything that it does to add onto the world of the series, which is one of my favorite game worlds to explore, gets drowned out by the simple fact that this game isn’t fun to play.

Luckily, the next one is a whole lot better.

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