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My Review Academia S1 E3: Ripped Boy

I hope you guys like training montages.

In terms of actual content, this episode doesn’t do a whole lot. It spends the first few minutes explaining All Might’s role in the world as a Symbol of Peace, him explaining One For All to Deku, we get a fourteen minutes of Deku training, and he briefly meets Uraraka and Iida before the entrance exam is explained. Not a whole lot to go off of in terms of story progression.

In terms of actual critique, the main issue is the bulk of the episode: the montage. Yes, it is interspersed with a few scenes of Deku’s life that isn’t intense training (and one that is, but whatever) but aside from that it’s just a classic ‘work out, get strong’ montage. One that goes on for way too long.

Now, I understand why they did this. Considering where this episode leaves off (just before the actual exam starts) they wouldn’t have had the necessary room to let things breath and progress that they get in the next episode. So I get why it was a necessary move. I just wish it had more substance than it does.

In regards to everything else, it’s all the same quality as before. The music that plays over the bulk of Deku’s training (Hero A on the soundtrack, I believe) is perfect for a montage, and the rest of the music in the episode is equally perfect. The animation is still energetic and fun, although some of the drawing quality is definitely lower than the previous episodes (just don’t pay too much attention to the hands and you’ll be fine).

Overall? It’s a well put together, if not very slowly paced, episode. It’s kind of hard to go into more detail than this, because that would just become nitpicking at this point. I’ve talked about pretty much everything there is to talk about.

Luckily, the next episode has a fair bit more than this one.

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