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Day 221: Why I Love Scott Pilgrim VS The World (The Movie, Not the Comics)

A buddy of mine finally got off his ass, sat on his ass and watched Scott Pilgrim. And just as I expected: he fell head over heels for the movie. So to celebrate, I want to talk about it.

Y’know, it’s opening paragraphs like that that make me think maybe I shouldn’t bother with them.

God I love this movie. This is easily one of the funniest and most visually interesting films in my collection (and also on my Netflix list). Every line, every punch, every beat of the story (and every beat in the songs) makes me smile or laugh to my stomach in a way that so few movies can do anymore.

Movies that aren’t Deadpool, at least.

Now, as the title implies, I won’t be comparing the movie to the comics. Mostly because I haven’t read them. This is just looking at the movie. If you don’t like that…

Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

For a bit of summary, Scott Pilgrim VS The World is about… Scott Pilgrim, your typical twenty or so years old nerd who hangs out with his friends in a band and… dates a high schooler that he really wants to break up with, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Until, that is, he meets Ramona, a beautiful delivery girl with a colorful past.

At which he immediately and without remorse breaks up with his girlfriend to pursue Ramona. It’s very awkward, very funny, and very cruel.

Yeah, Scott isn’t exactly the best person in the world.

However, when his romantic attempts begin to succeed, Scott discovers that Ramona is haunted by her Seven Evil Ex’s. In order to date her, Scott must defeat all seven of them in combat.

Oh yeah, this movie gets really… explosive. And weird. And really funny. And awkward. And… y’know what, I could go on and on talking about that, but instead, I’m gonna talk about my favorite part of the entire movie:

The visuals.

See, interesting visuals are very important to me as a film viewer. If the special effects are bad and the cinematography is bland, then I am not going to enjoy your film. You can tell a fine story, but I will still hate your movie and simply mourn the fact that a good plot was buried beneath terrible visuals.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World is one of the most visually interesting movies I have ever seen. It perfectly blends in anime-style live action fights, three-dimensional 8-bit special effects, and comic book style sound effect bubbles to create a movie that, in terms of it’s visuals, never loses your interest.

And that’s without mentioning the cinematography, which is equally fantastic. The shot compositions, smooth movements, and the perfect and dynamic camera angles all make the film even more interesting to watch. Pair that with the perfectly paced editing that cuts away from every scene with perfectly paced grace, and it only gets more fun than you could possibly hope for.

Which brings us to the best thing this movie does. Fun. It’s visuals, music, writing and acting all combine to make one of the most fun movie experiences you can ever enjoy. If I’m ever down, or I’m bored, I’ll put in Scott Pilgrim and simply let my smile grow.

Maybe I should pick up the comics. If they’re even half as much fun as the movie, then I’ll be in for a good time.

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