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Day 213: Jump Force

No, I’m not sponsored. Although I could be, if Bandai wanted to be cool. Cause I’m totally big enough to be worth that. Anyways, with that out of the way…

So who’s enjoying that Jump Force Beta? Cause I’m not. I couldn’t get a code.

But I wanted to. This game looks really fun. Stupid, but fun. And when I say stupid, I mean stupid.

Don’t believe me? This is a game in which Yugi Moto can summon a dragon to murder Freeza. Or how about having Yusuke Urameshi punch Sasuke Uchiha? Or maybe you can have Goku drop a Spirit Bomb on Naruto’s head.

This is the best kind of stupid.

Dumb cross overs like this are my favorite things in the world. I love seeing two things that should never have met join forces, be they in a game or a movie. The more ridiculous it is, the more I’ll love it.

Just look at Marvel VS Capcom 3: Ultimate. A game in which Phoenix Wright can murder Deadpool by shouting ‘OBJECTION’ really loud. I’ve played the living hell out of that purely because of how stupid it is, and it’s become one of my favorite fighting games of all time.

Even though I get my ass beat in every match.

Smash Bros is another good example. It’s easily one of the most beloved party/ fighting games of all time. A game which features Pac-Man punching Mario and Sonic in the face while Cloud cuts Kirby down. If you really take a moment to sit back and look at it, it really is kind of stupid.

Jump Force is like both of these, but instead of using my favorite comic or game characters, it uses all my favorite anime characters. And some of my favorites are all in here. We’ve got Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seya (I get the odd feeling that I’m spelling that wrong, but whatever) and quite possibly more.

God I hope there’ll be more. Cough cough My Hero Academia. Hell, I’d even take Black Clover. I want to punch Asta’s stupid face with Vegeta! Can you deny that would be awesome?!

Well, considering his voice, that may very well be a sound argument…

Now, again, I haven’t gotten access to the beta. Nor have I seen any of the gameplay footage from said beta. Frankly, I’m basically blind as to how this game will play. All I know is that it looks really pretty and stupid.

My two favorite things.

My one hope is that the roster is huge. I don’t want the main characters of each series to be the only ones in there. I want at least three characters per series. Come on guys, give me Kuwabara, Leorio, Sanji, Kaiba and basically anyone from Bobobo or My Hero Academia, and you’ll have an immediate purchase from me.

Maybe Black Clover, but only if Asta is this game’s equivalent of Dan Hibiki (again, I feel like I’m spelling that wrong). But something makes me doubt the universe is willing to give me such a gift.

I’m so looking forward to this game. I wouldn’t say I have high hopes, but I do have faith that it will be a fun time. And so long as I have fun, then I’ll consider my money well spent.

So long as we don’t get another J-Stars… Yeah, remember that game?!

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