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ARCHIVE Persona 5: The Review E9: Operation Maid Watch… Me Be Thoroughly Entertained

Original Release: June 2nd, 2018

For those of you who argue that this show needs to have it’s break-neck pacing, I kindly request that you shut up. If they have time for a filler episode, they have time to slow the plot down a bit.

Yes, this episode is all about the start of the Kawakami social link, in which you discover that she’s double working as a maid. But uh… question?

This helps the plot how?

In the game, it makes perfect sense. You’re playing an eighty hour long RPG. It had plenty of time to take a break and lead you down the path of a side quest. But here? They’ve never once deviated from the main story, and the pacing and quality of the show has only suffered because of it. So why now?

And why is this one of the better episodes?!

Everyone has way more personality and character in this one episode than any other in the series (well except Ann for some reason). The goof factor of this episode has been cranked up to eleven, and Ren finally has some god damn semblance of a personality! He got nervous, a tad silly, and even excited when Takemi said he looked ‘more mature’.

It only took nine episodes, but our main character finally has personality.

Also, this episode semi-captures the style of the game. It’s very comic book like, featuring many different cutaways that used the border style of the game. In terms of looks, this is probably the best episode to date.

And it’s about teenage boys calling a mature maid service.

They also rolled the plot of this episode in with Ryuji’s social link, in which he calls out the new gym teacher to help the new track team. It’s similarly pointless and a complete waste of time, but it’s still better than anything the main plot has given us thus far.

Y’know, it’s a sad thing when a filler episode completely and utterly trounces every single episode of the main plot in quality in about every way. But I won’t deny, this was a pretty good episode. Ryuji’s social link was blasted through, but considering how little actually happened in it, it makes sense. The only scene that wasn’t filler was after the credits, where they setup the Kaneshiro arc.

Which means Makoto Nijima, my favorite character, will finally be a major player.

Can’t wait to see them butcher her for me as well.

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