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Day 199: Pixar Sequels

I was talking to my friends about this, so I may as well talk about it here.

Why is it that Disney has to ruin good things?

Pixar movies are amazing. Up, Toy Story, Co-Co, Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Wall-E are all fantastic movies that manage to entertain both children and adults. Their stories are fantastic, the animation is drop dead gorgeous, and they always manage to make me cry.


They’re all well told, self contained stories with a clear beginning, middle and end. No need for sequels.

You all know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Pixar sequels range from mediocre to near-bad. None of them enter the range of bad (with the exception of Cars 2, that movie is trash) but they’re just… so lifeless. All the charm and magic the first films had have been completely sucked away in the search for a quick buck. They feel corporate, derivative and devoid of creativity.

Much like the company that demanded they be made in the first place.

The only sequels I can think of that are genuinely great are Toy Stories 2 and 3. Those continue to expand on the themes and characters of the previous film while writing stories that feel important, worthy of being told, and grasp your interest without throwing anything out from the last film. They’re solid movies that are worthy of the Pixar name.

But then you have movies like Monsters University, Finding Dory and yes: Incredibles 2. While none of these three are bad films, they all lack the charm of the first film. None of the stories on display in these three feel like they needed to be told. Whereas the Toy Story sequels felt like solid expansions on the world and characters, these movies felt like gorgeous looking cash grabs.

The stories being told aren’t even that interesting. Monsters University is just your typical college comedy film, but with Pixar characters. Finding Dory is the first movie but without the emotional weight and adventure. Incredibles 2 feels the closest to a necessary story, expanding on the banning of Supers bit from the first movie, but it feels weak and underwhelming in execution. I enjoyed it, but I would’ve been just as satisfied if it never came out.

You know this is going to keep happening, too. Disney has confirmed that a Toy Story 4 is in the works which… just fucking kills me inside. Don’t be surprised if we see an announcement for a Wall-E 2 or an Up 2 or an Incredibles 3 some time in the future. Disney knows they’d make money, so you know they’d make them.

Don’t believe me? Just look at Star Wars.

And that was the last time I’ll ever mention that series on this blog. Aside from a few upcoming Archive posts, but you get the point.

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