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ARCHIVE Day 69 (heh): The Aftermath of Infinity War

Original Release: May 15th, 2018

Any reader of my blog knows that I really enjoyed Infinity War. It was a solid film that gave me everything I wanted out of it. And with Deadpool 2 just a few days away, I’m kind of on another Marvel kick. So I wanted to ask a question.

How many people actually care about Ant-Man and the Wasp? Cause I sure don’t. It just seems kind of… underwhelming after Infinity War.

To me, it kind of feels like a filler episode of a tv show. Not changing anything, not affecting the plot. Just there to pad time before Avengers 4. Hell, I’m pretty sure the only thing that’ll affect anything is the ending. It feels like a waste of time.

The same kind of applies to Captain Marvel. Now, her movie I’m okay with because it’s an origin story. It’s set around a similar period as to Ant-Man, but it’s meant to introduce us to her character before she joins the cast.

My point being: Ant-Man didn’t need a sequel to wrap him in there. He’s been around long enough. Captain Marvel has never been in an MCU movie, so she does need a movie.

And this is the aftermath. A complete drop in interest. Frankly, there are only two MCU movies I give a shit about, those being Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. That’s what happens when Infinity War knocks it so hard out of the park.

Lucky for me Deadpool 2 isn’t part of the MCU.

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