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ARCHIVE My Review Academia S3 E6: well that got dark fast…

Original Release: May 12th, 2018

Get it? Because of Tokoyami’s… Dark Shadow?

I’ve been back for a day and already I want to punch myself.

Anyways, this episode was fucking intense! Lots of explosive violence, blood, failure and other such things. The heroes probably had the least success in this episode then any other episode in the series. Now, don’t get me wrong, they still defeat a villain.

A villain. As in singular.

The episode kicks off right where we left off, with Shoji picking up Deku while they’re being attacked by Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow. He quickly explains what happened to them and gives Deku a choice: stay and help him or go and help Bakugo.

Naturally, Deku chooses “Why not both?”

Leading a rampaging Tokoyami to Todoroki and Bakugo. He eliminates the villain in a single strike before being forced down into control by Todoroki’s flames and Bokugo’s explosion. They quickly formulate a formation and plan to get back to the camp safely.

On their way, they run into Ochako and Tsu, who are being attacked by ‘Psycho Bitch’ (I think her name is Hiromi or some shit, but I just enjoy calling her Psycho Bitch). She had already cut Ochako’s arm and Tsu’s tongue (it makes me cringe just to write that), gotten into Ochako’s head by mocking her for her crush, stabs her and runs. On her way out, she spots Deku, all beaten up and bloody, and develops a quick crush on him.

But they’re relief is cut short when Tokoyami and Bakugo are kidnapped by a strange magician villain, who then books it for the hills with them in tow (as tiny little blue balls because magic). Deku quickly forms a plan, and the episode ends with them putting it into action.

Before the end however, we had two scenes with some of the side characters that will probably be really important. The first is Mr. Naval Laser (can’t remember his name and can’t be bothered), who is nearly caught by the leader of the villains, Dabi. During this scene, Dabi discusses having a Nomu in the squad, transitioning into the next scene: Yaoyorozu and some guy from Class B running from a Nomu. The Nomu gets the escape order, stops attacking them and turns to leave. Yaoyarozu, in a moment of brilliance, has the Class B guy seal a tracking device to his back.

This episode was rough dude. And in the good way. It’s a perfect dark middle chapter to the arc, which feels like it’s starting to reach a climax. Considering that half of the villains are down and the other half are converging, it feels like we’re nearing an end, which kind of makes me sad. So far, this has been my favorite arc of My Hero.

So yeah. Another fantastic episode.

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