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ARCHIVE My Review Academia S3 E5: Class B Does Things!!

Original Release: May 12th, 2018

This was a fairly simple episode plot-wise, but god it was fun!

Deku, after defeating Muscular, takes Kota and runs back to camp. There, he runs into Aizawa. He hands the kid to him and almost runs off, consumed by his adrenaline. The teacher tells him to calm down and orders him to give two messages to the telepathic Pussycat hero: students are allowed to defend themselves, and the villains are at the very least after Bakugo.

Quick side note, when asking her to deliver the message, Deku keeps calling Bakugo ‘Kacchan’, confusing the teacher. It’s a really fun and simple detail that makes sense for both characters. Then, when she delivers the message, everyone in Class A thinks ‘Oh shit, they’re after Bakugo!’. It’s just a really fun little touch.

Anyways, whilst this is happening, two members of Class B (Tetsu Tetsu and big-hands-chick) go off to fight the villain spewing toxic gas. And holy shit this guy is the most intimidating middle-schooler since Angry Mob from Mob Psycho 100 (which you should watch if you haven’t yet). It’s a brilliant snap back to humanity when the kid draws an actual fucking gun and starts shooting at them.

Yeah, you forget two things during this series: these people are still humans, and guns can still take them down pretty easily.

The fight is pretty short, intense and fun to watch. Plus, it gives us what I’ve wanted since season 2.


Meanwhile, Bakugo and Todoroki are fighting against the creepiest fucking villain in the series: some serial killer guy who extends his teeth into fucking blades that lift him into the air.

No, you are not on drugs. This is a thing. And it’s terrifyingly awesome.

On the other end of the forest, a quickly collapsing Deku dashes off to help someone else when he’s grabbed by Shoji (I think that’s his name; he’s the guy who changes his limbs into other stuff), who is wounded. Yeah, that severed hand from before? It was his. We also see how he got it: Tokoyami, who is being consumed by his Dark Shadow because of how dark it is. It’s actually a pretty intimidating and awesome sight to behold before the episode ends.

Overall, this episode is of the same quality as the others: really fucking high. Seriously, what did you expect? These posts are basically just me summarizing then jerking off each new episode of My Hero.

What can I say? I like this show. If you want negativity, read the Persona 5 reviews.

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