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ARCHIVE My Review Academia S3 E3: Kota… Tests My Patience

Original Release: 4/21/18

Seriously Deku, leave this kid alone, he’s not worth the effort.

That aside, this was a solid episode. We got some cool scenes with every character, including a few comedy scenes with Class B (who is still trying desperately to be relevant). We were also introduced to two new Wild Wild Pussycats, one of whom is a massive muscle dude who took to training Deku. Honestly, he’s the only new one who was even slightly memorable. I can’t remember shit about the other one.

This is also the episode where the arc finally gets moving. Towards the tail end of the episode, the students took a test of courage, which was rudely interrupted by the League of Villains (because of course it was). As the episode ended, we got a shot of a mysterious figure emerging to confront Koda at his secret hideout.

That’s about it, honestly. Some training, some comedy, and the last bit of setup before the arc in full gets started. It’s just a fun episode before people start getting their asses kicked.

And from what I’ve seen of the Manga, people will get their asses kicked.

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