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ARCHIVE My Review Academia S3 E1: Let the Recap Begin!

(Original Release 4/7/18)

With the debut of My Hero Academia Season 3 finally upon us, I figured it’d be fun to review each episode as they come out. These will be written under the assumption you’ve seen the first two seasons (which you should have) so I won’t waste a lot of time going over the plot points. This one will be quick, but the others will be more thorough.

Now, let’s begin.

In this, the first episode of the third season, we begin with Midoriya in his room, casually working out, when Kaminari and Mineta arrive and invite him to ‘endurance training’ at the school pool. After getting permission from Aizawa, they head down to begin. However, the true purpose of this ‘training’ is so Mineta and Kaminari can stare at the girls in their class in swimsuits, which Mineta overheard making plans. But these plans are dashed when Midoriya invited the rest of the class to join them in their training. After exercising for a few hours, they decide to hold a racing tournament to see whose the fastest. Bakugo wins the first round, Todoroki the second, and Midoriya the third. However, before the three can face off in the finale, Aizawa arrives and sends them home. Midoriya then goes to the beach to reminisce when he’s joined by All Might before the episode ends. However, after the credits, it’s revealed that the teachers are changing the location of the Summer Training Camp, and Shiguraki Tomura begins planning for ‘a new game’.

All of this is spliced between brief recaps of the previous two seasons, from the entrance exams all the way up to the Tomura encounter at the end of the last season. So this was, in fact, a filler recap episode. Is that a problem? Not really. After a few months of not watching My Hero Academia, it makes sense to include it. And they made it work pretty well.

Overall, an okay episode. It wasn’t fantastic, nor the worst ever. It was just an okay episode before the real fun begins.

Here’s hoping episode two will step things up a few notches.

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