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My Review Academia S3 E20: Save The World From Filler!

I honestly wasn’t expecting a murder mystery, but here we are!

The whole opening of this episode feels like a charming smack to the face. Not a super painful one, like the 80 episodes of filler before the end of OG Naruto, but it still had a mild sting. Before the opening, we get a scene of All Might and Deku explaining why this episode exists and essentially begging the fans to take it easy.

Okay. Fine. But what I cannot take it easy on is the first two minutes of the actual episode. Why? Because it’s just a damn commercial for the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie. I’m not even kidding, they even added the footage from the trailers and put it on the monitors. It feels like a lazy product placement.

Still, the bulk of the episode is actually not bad. To summarize, this episode stars Deku, Iida, Uraraka, Tsu, Todoroki and Bakugo taking part in a special class before the training camp events took place. In this class, they must analyze and deal with a hostage situation featuring All Might as the villain, and Present Mic, Midnight and Cementos as hostages. Or so it seems…

Until the Villain is found dead on the scene!

The rest of the episode is spent with our heroes solving the mystery, with all of the former hostages being the three prime suspects. It’s actually pretty interesting, and it’s a genuine challenge to determine who the killer might be. Although the actual answer feels like a bit of a stretch, it is still satisfactory enough to be forgiven.

But the actual final twist that follows that feels both completely earned, logical, and as a nice little bonus: hilarious. It kind of made the episode for me, if I’m being honest. It was truly fantastic.

Though it was hard to run on that joy for the rest of the episode, which goes right back to plugging the movie. Although there is a really charming shot of All Might getting overwhelmed by Deku’s fan-boying.

This episode is alright. I don’t appreciate the break being right in the middle of the action, but this had enough charm and fun for me to forgive it. The mystery was fun, the ending was great, but all the movie plugs were mildly annoying. If you want to skip this one, you won’t miss anything. If you decide to watch, your in for a fun time.

And hey! At least we’re getting right back to the action next week! No year-long filler breaks right in the middle of the climax here!

Or two-year-long breaks, if you’re a certain shonen series starring ninjas…

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