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My Review Academia S3 E19: Rescue Operations

Wow, this episode felt a lot shorter than it was.

In terms of content, there isn’t a whole lot of actual substance to talk about. The episode starts off with the rest period between tests, during which Mineta and Kaminari pester Deku about his experience fighting that shape-shifting girl. This goes on for a few minutes too long, Uraraka gets jealous and almost tells Deku something and then the test actually starts.

Then, during the test, Class 1-A splits up to carry out rescue ops all across the field, with Deku taking an ‘injured boy’ back to the medical area. When he does this, Uraraka finally decided to ‘put her feeling for him away’ and focus entirely on the exam, because she thinks that’s what Deku’s been doing.

This is her fancy way of saying that you won’t get anything for that ship until the end of the series. Sorry shippers.

Aside from that, this episode is just people rescuing people. But I’ll give it this: they actually broke it down into the nitty gritty of what needs to be done in an emergency situation. The characters don’t just bounce around from one person to the next; they set up blockades, clear away landing sites for helicopters, set up a first aid zone, and carefully extract citizens from unstable piles of rubble instead of just going in there and ripping them out. It’s actually super interesting and engaging, adding a lot of spice to what could’ve just been ‘who’s power let’s them grab the most people’.

This continues on until the end of the episode, where ‘Villains’ (the #10 hero Gang Orca and his cronies) blow through the wall and attack the site. The episode ends on a fantastic cliffhanger as our heroes must now face a far greater challenge: rescuing people while fighting a powerful enemy.

So it’s the perfect time for a filler episode, right?

I’m not even fucking joking, the preview for the next episode explicitly states that it’s ‘anime original’ because ‘they need to have fun while they can’. And while My Hero Academia has had filler before, it’s never felt super intrusive; it’s either built up on content that wasn’t fleshed out in the manga or strategically placed between arcs. As such, I can forgive most of the filler in this show.

Here, though? Right in the middle of the action? We’re gonna have a filler episode now? Have you learned nothing from the Naruto anime?! You don’t cut off the action for anime-original content! That spells disaster!

Next week’s potential train-wreck aside, this episode was pretty solid. The rescue ops were super interesting, and Gang Orca (which is a fucking awesome name by the way) looks like a cool and intimidating antagonist for the arc. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes next.

Y’know. After we’re done with the filler.

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