My Review Academia

My Review Academia S3 E18: Wait, Aoyama Did Something?!

Today, we see the end of the first test in the Provisional License exam, and it’s just as thrilling as the rest of it. A bit predictable, but fun and exciting nonetheless.

We start this episode off with Bakugo and Kaminari fighting freaky meat guy, whose Quirk is literally called Meatball by the way (I can’t decide if that’s terrifying or hilarious) and quickly passing the exam thanks to Kaminari’s new gear that helps him control his Quirk. We then cut back to Deku, Sero and Uraraka who set a quick trap using Sero’s tape and Uraraka’s gravity to trap a large number of students and pass quickly.

Both or very short, but very fun to watch.

For the rest of the episode, we watch as the number of passing applicants rapidly lessens and Iida finds Aoyama hiding behind a rock. He explains to the laser boy that he’d rather spend the test helping his fellow classmates pass and then pass himself then just pass and move on, explaining that that style of heroics is part of his dream, which moves Aoyama.

In an attempt to help Iida pass, Aoyama attempts to sacrifice himself by shooting his laser into the sky and drawing as much attention as possible. As he does so, we get a brief glimpse into his past and learn that he’s always felt isolated and insecure, and that he wants nothing more than to be considered someone’s equal.

Wait, you mean Aoyama had a character this whole time?! Holy shit, I pegged him for a one-trick pony comedy character, but this is fine!

Fortunately, the rest of class 1-A leap in to the rescue, and thanks to Aoyama attracting a large number of enemies, all of them pass without issue, filling the final available spots and wrapping up the test.

Between all of this, we get a scene of Deku’s and Bakugo’s groups reuniting, and for the first time, we see Bakugo not only acknowledge Deku’s power, but praise him as he say’s ‘You’ve made that borrowed power yours’.

Yeah, remember in season 1 when Deku confessed that someone gave him his power? Well, here’s the payoff. It’s reasonably satisfying, if not a little short lived. Still, it’s an excellent scene that serves as both a step towards further character development between the two and a nice breath of calm between the action.

Anyways, after the action wrapped up and the credits roll, we get a scene setting up for the next section of the arc. The announcer draws attention to the field in which they fought in the previous round as it explodes, reducing all of it to rubble. He then announces what the next phase of the test will be: rescue simulation.

Deku’s eyes light up at this. He has never been more excited, and frankly, neither have I. Finally, at last, we’ll get to see Deku doing what he’s always wanted to do: saving people with a fearless smile. Not beating down bad guys, nearly dying, or other life-threatening situations. Simply saving people.

I get the feeling the next episode is going to be a good ride.

But getting back to the now, I love this episode. It gave a brief but fascinating insight into a character we didn’t know much about until this point, we get some truly satisfying albeit brief action sequences (did I mention how spectacular the animation is? cause that’s still really good) and it perfectly set up for the next episode.

I don’t know if I can wait a week for this, guys. This show has me by the balls, even more so now than before. Not since All Might VS All-For-One have I been this excited to see what’ll happen next!

I’ll see you next week!

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