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Persona 5 The Review E17: I’m Done.

Really, P5A? Starting the episode with the Akechi-Quota? Do you hate your fans, or are you just stupid?

Bullshit quota aside, this episode is pretty bad. It keeps up with the break-neck pacing of the previous, going from one plot-point to the next without giving anything any time to breath. For example, the Phantom Thieves are fighting the cognition of Futaba’s mom for less than a minute before Futaba shows up. Less then a minute.

We don’t even see the fight, by the way. We see Ann try to shoot her and miss, everyone freak out for a bit, then they’re tired, and then Futaba shows up. It’s all a bunch of tell don’t show. Instead of showing us that they’re getting their asses kicked and they’re exhausted, they just tell us that they are.

Believe it or not, a single shot of a single attack does not tell us that they’re losing. Frankly, it feels like they’re not even trying.

The story boarding is also as lazy as ever. For example, shortly after her arrival, Futaba’s Shadow shows her the different art works found through her Palace that detail her past. The first one is the art of the adults reading her mother’s suicide note, but Futaba says “It’s me complaining. Mom scolded me for bothering her.”

Your mother isn’t even in that picture when you said that, so what the hell are you looking at? Then, a few shots later, they realized they fucked up and corrected the image without going back and fixing the previous shots! Oh, and the next shot it’s in, it changes sizes to be far bigger than Futaba herself, whereas in the previous shots it was smaller than she was! And THEN, as yet another fuck you to consistency, they bring the first image of the men in suits right back like it was never there in the first place! It’s inconsistent in so many different ways it makes my head hurt!

This may seem like a minor nitpick, but when the show is as lazy as it already has proven to be, it only goes to further ruin it’s own reputation. Major and minor details build up together to make either a good or bad viewing experience. Thus far, this episode has given me nothing but bad.

And we’re only nine minutes in.

The animation is as lazy as ever too. For example, we get a shot of Yusuke firing at Futaba’s mom. As he’s firing an Assault Rifle, you’d think he’s be buckling a bit from the recoil, right? Well, the animators convey this by… applying a shake filter over the lens, whilst Yusuke and his gun are clearly perfectly still. Is this supposed to be creating the illusion of intensity? Because it doesn’t; it’s just nauseating and pathetic.

Credit where it’s due though, they do have a new song for the rest of the fight that wasn’t in the game, and it’s pretty rad. It’s just a shame that it’s balanced so low compared to the dialogue and sound effects that you can’t fucking hear it.

The rest of the fight scene, though, is what you’d expect: an unthrilling, boring display of people firing colored energy at each other until one dies with no cool tactics, movements or other displays of fighting ability to make it more exciting. Seriously, this is one of the most boring action sequences not just in the show, but that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

From here, the rest is standard fare: going through the ending of the Medjed arc at a speed that’ll give you whiplash so hard your brain will snap along with your neck. We do get an extra scene of the Phantom Thieves hanging out, and it’s kind of fun, but it’s brushed aside just as quickly as it came.

Because we’re not allowed to have fun, we’re watching P5A. It’s not the like the game was oozing with fun from start to end or anything.

We also get another typo, with Futaba calling the Medjed members ‘memebers’ of Medjed. No, it’s not a joke. Neither were the other typos, remember? It’s just another aspect of the people making this show being lazy pricks.

Finally the episode ends, and we get a brand new Ending. Kind of. We get an initial animation of the calendar system marking the date, the Morgana car driving over the background for a bit, and then… we’re right back to the old ending, but this one has Futaba in it. The new songs also okay, but the old one was better.

It’s a suitably disappointing ending to my time with this anime.

I’m done with this fucking show. I refuse to watch any more of this fucking trash. This show has actually made me wonder if Persona 5, my second favorite game of all time, was actually any good in the first place. Spoiler alert: it was and still is. It’s a fantastic game that everyone should at least give a chance, especially if you love JRPGs. It’s beautiful, intriguing, and engaging from start to end. This show spits on everything that the game was with it’s terrible visuals, lazy story-boarding and plotting, break-neck pacing and lack of effort in every regard.

This show fucking sucks. I’ve given it every chance to get better, and it’s only gotten worse. I know now, at this point in the run, that this will never get any better. I refuse to stick around and give it yet another chance to shit on the story and characters that I fell in love with. I will not give this show another twenty minutes of my life ever again. You will never see another P5A review on my blog.

I am done.

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