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My Review Academia S3 E15: So… Many… New… Characters…

Out of context, I get some very different vibes from this image than I intended. Oops.

Quick note: I fucking love every new character introduced in this episode. The overly eccentric student that is clearly gonna be the main antagonist of the arc, the Happy Hero that wants to go out with Eraser Head, and the charismatic pretty boy who is clearly a secret asshole.

That aside, this episode was just a bit more table-setting before the next arc. We got the setup for Kaminari and Kirishima having new suits, a few seeds planted for some Ultimate moves that we’ll probably see during the arc, and the setup for the newest conflict.

Which is basically another tournament arc. I am one hundred percent okay with this.

Aside from that, we didn’t really get anything substantial. But we did get one scene, one really cute scene that made me smile from ear to ear.

After a short training scene, we get a scene of all the girls relaxing in the dorms. Uraraka accidentally lets slip that she’s in love, and everyone starts pressing her. She floats away over to the window, where she sees Deku training in his new kick-based style. The music changes and a mild pink filter crawls onto the screen.

This scene will amount to nothing and pay off with nothing. It’s shonen jump; the only romance we’ll get is at the very end after a time-skip and a brief shot of Deku and Uraraka being married. But fuck you, I love shit like this!

I’m a little girl, I swear to god.

Still, pointless but cute romance scene aside, this episode makes me super excited for the next arc. The new characters look super interesting and fun, and the rules for the Exam seem super interesting. And now that the table-setting is done, we can finally get to the real fun stuff!

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