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My Review Academia S3 E14: Ultimate Moves


Y’know, for an episode all about Ultimate moves, there sure aren’t a lot of ultimate moves are there?

This episode was… okay. Not a whole lot happened, there was a ton of comedy (most of which involved Hatsume, who was my favorite character from season 2, and her inventions (after a few tit jokes), along with Uraraka getting jealous of her over Deku) and we saw Deku making the most challenging discovery in the history of fiction.

My arms don’t work? Then I’ll use my LEGS!

Genius, Deku. I never would’ve figured that out.

Honestly, some of the ‘Ultimate’ moves are really dumb. Sure, Bakugo’s AP Shot and Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow Armor are pretty sick and cool, we also got Ashido’s Acid Fountain Shot (which seems weaker than her regular moves) and… actually, I think that’s about it.

I dunno, the others were either not there or super weak.

One thing I did like though was All Might’s role in this episode. Since he can no longer fight, he has gone full teacher, and this was his first scene doing so. He goes to each student and gives them one point of advice, and we actually see his equivalent of a ‘Teaching for Dummies’ book in his pocket!

Not gonna lie, it gave me a good laugh.

That’s about it, honestly. Deku has a new suit and style of fighting, and… that’s all you needed to know from this episode.

Don’t worry though, the next one is a big step up.

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