• Day 129: Godzilla VS Ghidorah

    Did you ever want time travel in your Godzilla? No? Well too bad you’re getting it anyways and it’s awesome! Don’t get me wrong though. The story in this movie is trash. It has so many god damn plot holes that it looks more like a slice of Swiss cheese than a complete delicious sandwich. […]

  • Persona 5 The Review E16: This Show is My Grave

    Persona 5 The Review E16: This Show is My Grave

    Around the seven minute mark, they misspelled both Phantom as Phantome and confident as confidant. I swear to fucking god, this show isn’t even trying anymore. It’s not just in the text, either. Everything about this episode feels lazy and devoid of energy. The gags rely heavily on ‘check out these funny faces they’re making […]

  • Persona 5 The Review E15: Futaba

    Persona 5 The Review E15: Futaba

    This whole episode is just setup for the next arc. But if I can be honest, there are two things this episode does really well. Maybe even better than the game. …I’m gonna go wash my mouth with soap. The rest of this episode was super forgettable, but those two scenes are actually really good. […]

  • My Review Academia S3 E15: So… Many… New… Characters…

    Quick note: I fucking love every new character introduced in this episode. The overly eccentric student that is clearly gonna be the main antagonist of the arc, the Happy Hero that wants to go out with Eraser Head, and the charismatic pretty boy who is clearly a secret asshole. That aside, this episode was just a […]

  • My Review Academia S3 E14: Ultimate Moves

    My Review Academia S3 E14: Ultimate Moves

    Y’know, for an episode all about Ultimate moves, there sure aren’t a lot of ultimate moves are there? This episode was… okay. Not a whole lot happened, there was a ton of comedy (most of which involved Hatsume, who was my favorite character from season 2, and her inventions (after a few tit jokes), along […]