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  • Cuphead is a Masterpiece

    Cuphead is a Masterpiece

    How in the hell have I been writing a blog for all these years without ever talking about this game? I talked about the show before I reviewed this! What is wrong with me?! One of my biggest gripes with the video game industry is in presentation. Everyone is always going for the games with […]

  • Alloy of Law: Welcome to the Future

    The first trilogy of Mistborn books is one of my favorite works from any author. It’s a fantastic story that perfectly showcases Sanderson’s strengths as a writer. Few stories left me as satisfied as it did. Then I found out that there was more. And after a substantial wait, I’m finally ready to tackle it. […]

  • The Rise and Problems of TV Streaming

    Cinema has changed a lot in the last fifteen or so years. The advent of streaming services, and the subsequent multiplication of platforms to choose from, have changed how movies and TV shows are made. Back then, movies were made for theaters and the DVD release, and TV shows were made to air episode by […]

  • Kaguya-sama Season 3 is Spectacular

    Kaguya-sama Season 3 is Spectacular

    The first two seasons of Kaguya-sama: Love is War have been some of the greatest examples of well-written romantic comedies we’ve seen in recent years. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that everything thus far has hit a homerun. The characters, the animation, the music, the comedic timing, all of it works together to create […]

  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Wait, I’m a lawyer and I’m not the bad guy?

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Wait, I’m a lawyer and I’m not the bad guy?

    Geez, I haven’t played these games since high school! That simultaneously feels like yesterday and a thousand years ago. Let’s see if they hold up! Video games these days always feel like they’re trying to be bigger. They’ve gotta have a bigger open world, they’ve gotta have more playable characters, they’ve gotta have a hundred […]