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Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

There are certain games from my childhood that still haunt my nightmares. Not because they were scary, mind you. Because of their brutality. As a small child, being faced with an insurmountable challenge that your tiny mind and smaller hands are incapable of overcoming can be scarring. Like being beaten over the head with a… Continue reading Castlevania (NES): An Unforgiving, Unfair Masterpiece

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Githzerai: Psychic Monks, But Not Cool

Lore: Chillin' in Limbo While the githyanki are war-mongers, the githzerai are philosophers. They spend their days in Limbo, dwelling on islands and within fortresses of order within the chaos. Using their psychic powers to maintain their homes and defend them in battle, they are a mighty but mostly peaceful people. The hierarchy of the… Continue reading Githzerai: Psychic Monks, But Not Cool