Fixing Dragon Ball Super (Part 2): The Universe 6 Tournament, Setup

Time to start making some dramatic changes.

To briefly recap from the last time: Super Saiyan God (red) is now just Saiyan God and is exclusive to Goku, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (blue) is now just Super Saiyan God and is exclusive to Vegeta, Vegeta killed Freeza in Ressurection F, Gohan is now training seriously, and Beerus was not present for the events of RF. Instead, he was greeted at home by Champa and Vados.

Which brings us to the Universe 6 Tournament arc.

The arc opens much as it did in the original. Champa and Beerus first compete with food, as a battle between Gods of Destruction would be catastrophic. When Champa discovers how good Earth food is and that his version of the planet has been destroyed, he challenges Beerus to a competition for Universe 7’s Earth. And to add a little extra spice: the Super Dragon Balls.

We’ll change a few things here. One: the Super Dragon Balls are scattered all across the entire multiverse, not just Universes 6 and 7. Two: the locations of all seven are known, and each are in the possession of one of the gods. I’m doing this for two reasons: one, because it makes more sense to me, and two: we’ll get to that.

So, the stage is set just as it was before. A five VS five tournament, the last team standing wins. Universe 6’s team is just the same as it was before, consisting of Hit, Frost, Cabba, Winnie-the-Pooh, and… Robot.

I don’t remember their names.

Universe 7’s team, however, is slightly different. Rather than bringing Buu into the arc just to not use him at all, we’ll be using Gohan. As he’s been training more after RF, he’s eager to see how far he’s come in that brief amount of time. After all, saiyans have notoriously powered up a lot in short amounts of time before.

Not to say I’m throwing Buu out. In fact, not only is he still on the time, but he’ll be an active participant this time around. Who am I replacing for Buu, you ask? Easy: Monoma. Sorry, but dollar-store alien Mr. Satan is not funny and he’s just redundant. Goku doesn’t need extra motivation to train harder. Beerus already exists; that’s motivation enough.

I’m also changing how Hit is introduced. In the original, he’s just sitting there. Doing nothing. Probably taking a nap. Which… is not how you’re supposed to introduce a character. Like, no matter which way you slice it.

I mean, come on! He’s an assassin! You know how easy it is to introduce one of those? It’s simple! Champa and Vados pop in on him right as he kills a dude. He uses his Time Skip, though to us, it seems as though he doesn’t even move. His target seems to simply drop dead, without Hit so much as lifting a finger.

We’re also going to take this opportunity to introduce characters that would appear later on in the story. Since our version of the Super Dragon Balls are in the hands of the gods all across the multiverse, we’re going to fill the spectator’s seats with characters that would eventually appear in later arcs.

First up are Gowasu and Zamasu. Gowasu attends partly for the fun of it, partly because he thinks it could be a valuable lesson for Zamasu about the potential of mortals. A lesson that the uptight Zamasu is not learning. They’re introduced as old friends of Universe 7’s gods.

The second may surprise you: I’m introducing Jiren in this arc.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it. When Universe 7 arrives, they’re met by a hostile Universe 6. Let’s say that Pooh and Robot are less controllable than Hit, Frost, and Cabba. They zero-in on what they think is the weakest member of the team: Gohan. They corner him behind the arena or something like that, then try and intimidate him.

That’s when Jiren appears. He steps in to stop the fight before it even begins. The two thugs jump him, but Jiren disposes of them with ease. Afterwards, Gohan gives him sincere thanks and expresses his admiration (in case you’ve forgotten about Saiyaman, Gohan has a soft-spot for heroes in dumb costumes). Jiren responds simply and coldly before rejoining the gods of Universe 11.

We see a few others from other universes, but those are the important ones. The stands are filled with all kinds of characters, a good majority of which will return in the ToP arc. Floating behind them are the Super Dragon Balls, just as they were in the original.

The stands are filled and the teams are ready. The tournament is ready to begin.

Next week. This one is starting to get long enough.


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